From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] I've got the Cascade Badge Baby! Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 9:24 PM Wind rolled over. Sunlight flooded through the windows. It 12:00 PM. She got up feeling a little tingly. She showered and dressed in her normal clothing and walked into the small dining room. Misty was sitting and eating lunch. "Good afternoon." Misty said. "Hey..." Wind grumbled. "Togepi!" The cute egg pokemon peeped. "Quiet Togepi, Here have some." Misty started pouring some food into a bowl. Wind started eating slowly, still obviously tired. "Brock told me why you left so quickly this morning at about 5:00 when Ash and I got back." "Oh. Where is.." "Their on their way to Pewter City." Misty started smiling at the thought of Ash. "There's a lot you still haven't told me." "Yeah I know, but that's my problem. All I want to do to is earn my Cascade Badge and get out of town." "All right then, let's see what we can't do." A few minutes later Wind found herself standing on a platform in the massive pool of the Cerulean Gym. "OK here it is Wind, moment of truth." "Tentacruel I choose you!" Wind thought for a moment, "Abra I choose you." Misty stepped back a bit. Wind didn't realize her eyes were glowing like a blue white flame. "All right tentacruel blast that away" "Teleportation." Wind and Abra said simotenously in a drone. "Now.." Wind commanded. "Confusion." It was over. Tentacruel's poison weakness let Wind win with a one it KO. Wind felt herself fall back into the frame of the world. She shook her head a bit. "Whoa..." Her eye's settled back into their original color. "Here's the Cascade Badge, you earned it." Misty said, looking into Wind's eyes very carefully. "Thanks." Then Wind ran a circle around the pool and jumped in it. "Yes!" "Hey your Abra's glowing." "You evolved into an Kadabra! This is such a fly day. Kadabra return." Wind turned around to face Misty. Unsaid thanks passed between them. The two women hugged and Wind walked off toward Saffron City. Her mind burned a bit. She found herself levitating things once in a while, including Sandshrew. "Sandshrew!" It hit the floor again. "I'm sorry Sandshrew, I want to practice a bit, but I can't do that in a city. Can't break anything you know. Still hard for me to control things and I don't like wreaking havoc on spoons." "Sandshrew..." "I'll try not to pick you up anymore." Wind walked to the far edge of town, spotting a Meowth now and then. The sea breezes blew through her hair. She sat down and called out her pokemon. Gyarados, Gyarados, and Goldeen went to go swimming the ocean for a little while. The rest assembled around her and ate some pokefood. Wind just sat on her sleeping bag and ate some spam, a few biscuits, and some canned soup. In the distance she would see the lights of Cerulean City being lit as another day spun by on the rock known as earth. She recalled her water pokemon and went to sleep early with the rest of her pokemon curled around her. After lying down for an hour and her pokemon asleep. She realized she couldn't stop thinking about the night before. The colors around her kept changing, yet they didn't, and it was becoming more significant. She started massaging her head, thought about how lucky she was that team rocket hadn't bothered her since she escaped for the island. Where did they song come from? What about Dev? Where is he now... His head hurt. It really really hurt. It wasn't your plain aspirin headache. It was your I need to be put down with something headache. "Ahh.." Devon tossed and turned in a bunk in the Cerulean City Pokemon center. "This bites." He turned over and tried to go back to sleep, but found he couldn't. "Damnit," He pulled of picture of Wind out from his bag. He cringed and put it back into it's compartment gently. He frowned and curled back into the pillow a few tears coming to his eyes, too bad Wind didn't know that. She was getting nightmares again... "The world bites, live with it" Pen:brush:Keyboard:Paint. All bow to the Mother Wheedle. Hail Wheedle! =========-//> Wind Fireblade, Please send fanmail.<//-==========