From: Dernguyen <> Subject: [PW!] In Saffron waiting.......... Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 5:07 PM "Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock............." Dern sits and waits impatiently. "Isn't there anything to do while we wait?" Dern asked. "Hmm, where is Derrick? I didn't see him this morning." "Ohh, I saw him in some guy's yard, and teaching him some planting techniques." Kathy replied as she picked up a book. "Hmm, this sucks, I'm gonna go outside and do something." Dern walked out the door. The group was busy doing things except for Dern, which made him bored, so he went off to take a walk. Dern walked for about several minutes until he saw a sign saying "Mr. Psychic's house." With great curiousity, Dern decided that he must go see what was inside at once! One step into the house, alarmed an Kadabra which was asleep for awhile. "Kaaaaaaadaaabraaaaaaaa............ "Ahhhhhhh!" Dern yelled out loud. Suddenly a small figure walked out from under the shadows. "Please, don't be afraid, he was just alarmed, like you are right now." Mr. Psychic calmed Dern. "Uh, this is a nice place you got here." Dern complemented as he walked around the room and saw all the neat psychic stuff. TBc.............. (sorry this was lame) ------------------------- "Wondering on how big the universe is, depends on how far our imaginations can take us" <a href="">Visit mah pokemon HoMePage </a>