From: The Carroll's <> Subject: [PW!][Island] In the Complex Toilet Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 12:05 PM In the Complex Toilet Booga took a step back and fell into a toilet. "Eew! I'm already drenched, why does this have to get worse?" He fell out of the toilet. "Get any closer, and I'll metronome!" They took a step. Click. Click. Click. Click. Then Booga realized what he'd done. "Uh oh…" KABOOM! Booga exploded and plunged into darkness. He regained conciseness when some blackened Rocket Members were carrying him down a hall, upside-down. They opened a cell and tossed him in. He groaned. Some how, he got lucky and metronomed a recover. He got to the door. Too bad he couldn't reach the knob. Oh, well. It was locked anyways. "They're gonna have to try harder to keep me in here. Eevee! Flamie! Volt! Alhambra! Come out!" He tossed the Pokéballs on the ground. They all came out yawning. "Huh? Who are you?" asked Flamie, Booga's Flareon. "It's me! Booga! Sabrina's brother turned me into a Clefairy." "Oh." Said Volt, Booga's Jolteon. "Okay, Flamie, we need to get out of this cell. Melt the door with your ember attack!" Flamie spat flames out of his mouth, and the wall melted to the ground. "Whew! Talk about bad breath!" "Hey!" "Okay, let's melt this wall!" They continued this for an hour until they SOMEHOW got out of the complex, and nobody even noticed! Until they walked in front of a motion detector. About 20 Team Rocket members surrounded them. It was hard to see since it was a sliver-moon that night. "Ahhhh! The Men in Black!" Volt screamed. Two dark figures stepped up. Weird music started to play in the background. "Prepare for trouble!" "And make it double!" Booga rolled his eyes. "Oh, brother." "To protect the world from devastation!" "To unite all people within our nation!" "Did he say 'unite' or 'ignite'?" Alhambra snickered. "How about 'prepare for bubbles'?" Flamie joked. "And what about 'to protect the world from TV stations?" Volt laughed. "You watch too much TV to begin with." Booga said. Jessie and James fumed. "I HATE it when they do this!" Jessie griped. "Come on. Let's continue the motto." Said James. "To denounce the evils of truth and love!" "To extend our reaches to the stars above!" "Did they say 'Mars?'" "No, they said 'cars!'" "Stop it!" Jessie shouted, "Okay…where were we…" "Jessie!" "James!" "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!" "What goes up, must come back down!" Booga snickered. "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" A white figure fell to the ground. "Meowth! That's right!" "Now's our time to RUN!" Booga shouted. His Pokémon followed him to the forest. "Victreebell! Go!" Victreebell clamped on James's head. Jessie pounded James on the back of the head. "Now you let them go! Stop fooling around!" *A week later* Booga stepped out of the Pewter City Pokémon Center. "Now let's get our first badge!" He walked off to the GYM. TBC? Anyone else in the area? -- Booga