From: J.Howard Kuehn <> Subject: [PW!] Journey To Ivory Island Date: Saturday, May 22, 1999 9:11 PM Note: Since Laeophie left, it destroyed the current thread so that is NC James wondered around Pallet Town. He could find no trace of Simon anywhere, and Psycho could not sense his life force in the immediate area. After hours of wandering, they had stopped to rest in the center of Pikachu Square. James couldn't imagine why they would name a whole section of town after that annoying rat. "Great, where alone and have nowhere to go!" <<Sounds like your entire life to me...>> A loud beeping sound from inside his backpack stopped him from clobbering Psycho. Setting the backpack down, he reached inside and pulled out his cell phone. Opening it, he heard a voice: "..I repeat, all ATR members report to Ivory Island immediatly, it's an emergency.." <<Shall we get our ride?>> Shutting off the phone, James responded "Yes, this sounds like an event of dire need. We must leave at once!" <<Sure thing Master, two for Pidgeot Express>> Psycho consentrated, and took them on a Pidgeot at once. "A real Pidgeot?" Him and the abra were in mid-air, sitting on top of a huge Pidgeot, the huge bird that could soar passed the speed of sound. No wonder Psycho chose him as transportation. "I don't wanna know how you got us here, just get me to Ivory Island, immediatly!" TBC... -James