From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] Just Another Day Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 1:16 PM Wind, Maria and Dreadite watched Sandshrew and Slasher circle each other around for a moment. "Ahh!" Wind, grabbed her head, and started rubbing her temples. Damn mews... "What's wrong?" She pulled on her sunglasses to cover the fiery blue shade her eyes had turned. "Just a headache, I'm going to take a break at that pond a little farther away. Go Butterfree, come on. Don't get yourself in trouble Sandshrew, I'll be back in a few moments" Wind said rubbing her aching temples and stumbling off. She quickly ran over to a clear blue pond and dipped her face in the water. Pulling off her cursed Team Rocket uniform she pulled on a pair of cropped olive khakis and a black KMFDM tank top. It's not like she wanted to be in Team Rocket anyway. Her Butterfree flew around flowers with a happy disposition. Dev gave her that Butterfree when it was just a little Caterpie. She smiled as a flood of memories came back to her of the SS Anne. Ahhh... sweet nostalgia. "Freeeeee! [Someone's close by]" Rubbing her aching temples Wind was mumbled,"Oh well, you can handle anything.." Wind put on her sunglasses to hide the blue glow her eyes emitted. She didn't know how to stop it yet. It was something that happened to psychics and she'd have to live with it for now. Putting her bag on the side she sat and relaxed for a moment... TBC! "The world bites, live with it" Pen:brush:Keyboard:Paint. One day the mother weedle will have her revenge! =========-//> Wind Fireblade, Please send fanmail.<//-==========