From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Just Another Day (Wind, Dreadite, or Maria, please read this) Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 3:22 PM > Soon, Maria was standing outside Cerulean Hospital with Charcoal and Slasher. > Dreadite had taken Wind inside a few minutes before. She meant to go in, but > she didn't want to draw the kind of attention going in with the others would > have brought. After tucking her coat around herself, she took out a Pokeball. > > Charcoal looked down at her. He was giving her a strange look, and she didn't > like it. Especially since she hadn't seen him get that way since he'd been a > Charmander. Back then he'd always seemed to know when something was wrong, > even if it was something as insignificant as the flu. He had lost that > sensitivity since evolving, or perhaps had grown to ignore it. > > She gave him a pat. "Quit it. Everything's okay now. Just go into your > Pokeball and sleep for awhile." He still had that troubled expression as he > disappeared into the Pokeball. > > Maria tucked the ball into her pocket and entered the hospital looking for > Dreadite and Wind. Slasher meowed a bit over her shoulder, drawing > disapproving glances from the nurses. Maria ignored them. There was nothing > wrong. "Well there's something you don't see every day" Tiki said to himself after the winged person carried the wonded woman in and the lady with the charizard left. Being a theif Tiki thought it was his right to know what wierd things were going on around him, even if two of his pokemon were wounded. So Tiki decided to investigate, he walked into the hospital, he walked in and asked a nurse at a desk "Where did that wounded lady go?" "I suspect to ER, she was shot," Tiki wondered if Sith had had anything to do with this. He followed a set of signs until he reached a double door with the words ER on it. He was about to walk in when the doors flung open and two doctors walked out, looking at charts. Tiki dashed to the side as so they wouldn't think he was trying to sneak in. After they left he went into the ER and quickly found the winged person he had seen before. He now had a better look at him, he had a sword hanging at his side and a large cloak on, Tiki could make out the shape of some pokeballs under the cloak. He over heard the winged man's conversation with the doctor. "It's nothing too bad, it was purly s muscle shot, whoever shot her though had great aim, an millemeter to the side, would have hit the arterty and this little lady would be dead, you're just lucky you got here so fast," The winged person looked over at the wounded lady as she was wheeled into surgery "Are you sure Wind will be alright?" the winged one asked, then someone wearing a team rocket outfit walked up to him. "So what's the news Dreadite," "Oh hello Maria, the Doc says that Wind will be alright," MAria nodded then her and Dreadite sat down outside the surgery room. 'Rockets' Tiki thought to himself, this could be bad, but I haven't quite satisfied my curiosity. ________________________________________________________________________ Wind, Dreadite, or maria which ever one of you read this please email me at I would really like to interact with someone, I tried emailing Wind but Im not sure if it got through. If you don't want me to be apart of your scenario that's find, my charcter has yet to do anything undoable, please email me as soon as possible, Thank You. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.