From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] (Repost:) Just when things were starting to go forward... Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 1:11 PM SaberTeamR wrote: > Quickly, Orion thought of a way to use this to his advantage. "That > doesn't look like an authorized Pokedex, I'm gonna hafta take you in for > questioning." he said, and advanced a step towards Saber. Saber backed up a > little and raised his hands in front of him, as in defense. That was Mark's > cue. As soon as Mark saw the signal, he bolted past Orion and dissappeared > through a door. It did not take him long to find someone. Professor Oak looked up. "Hello, can I help you?" > EXO finally made it past Oak's aide himself, with more than a little help > from a flock of Spearows that chose that instant to divebomb a man selling > fruit from a cart. He ran inside while the guard was distracted, but skidded to > a halt at an intersection, the very place Saber and Mark had just stood a few > moments before. Cursing himself for not making himself familiar with the layout > of the lab, he decided to try the left passageway. Walking slowly, he made his > away down the corridor, and out of sight around the corner. It did not take him long to find someone. Professor Oak looked up. "Hello, can I help you?" Just through the door, Oak turned to look where 'his' voice was coming from. The other Oak did likewise. "Not again." Both Oaks rolled their eyes. "Mimic, please, stop it." Twin sighs of despair echoed to Mark and EXO. "I must apologize; Mimic has a tendency to do this sometimes, although I thought he'd grown past it." The voices grew abstract. "Mimic just play prank on Oak for old time's sake." Both Oaks looked at each other in surprise. "Now Oak copying Mimic!" They smiled. "Turnabout is fair play, Mimic." Mark and EXO sweatdropped. The two Oaks shrugged. "Anyway, can I help you gentlemen?" TBC?