From: Kirb9701 <> Subject: [PW!] Off to Grandpa Canyon! Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 6:16 PM [ This post is kind of short, but I won't be able to write an actual story about what happens in Grandpa Canyon until tomorrow. ] Dan yawned. "There's nothing to do around here...," he said. He was sitting around in the Fuschia City Pokemon Center, doing absolutely nothing. "Excuse me," Joy said. "But did you hear about the fossil rush?" "Fossil rush?" Dan asked. "Where?" "In Grandpa Canyon," Joy said. "Lots of people are going there to find fossils of ancient Pokemon." "Hm, so they've opened it back up," Dan said. He remembered hearing of a strange incident involving prehistoric Pokemon a while back, which halted all digging at the canyon. "Ok, let's go Clefairy!" Dan said, jumping out of his seat and running out the door. Clefairy ran after him, saying, "Fairy clefairy! (Wait for me!)" - "It shouldn't be much farther," Dan said, looking down from atop Pidgeot. "Ah, there it is! Let's land!" Dan returned Pidgeot to his Pokeball and walked up to the gate. A guard was standing there. "You need to pay 500 gold coins to get in," he said. "500 coins?" Dan said, digging into his pocket. "I guess it's probably worth it. Here you go." Dan handed the coins to the guard. "Thank you. You may pass," the guard said, opening the gates. Dan walked through, followed by Clefairy. "To protect the world from devastation!" -Misty "To ignite all peoples within our nation!"... -Duplica "If you're going to imitate us at least do it right!" "To UNITE all peoples within our nation, not IGNITE!.." -TR -"Ditto's Mysterious Mansion