From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] [Clan Caterpie] Oh what a tangled path we weave when first we are decieved. Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 7:19 PM "BUFFALO CHIPS! Where in the heck did ICY GO! He was there one minute, but now he's gone. Even my old pal FlamingHorse couldn't track his trail now." said Insanellama. "This is scaring me" said Nova. "Believe me stranger things have happened" said Insanellama grinning over at his rapidash. Insanellama paced back and fourth, spurs ringing with each step. He casually drue and field stripped one of his Colt .45's. As he passed by Rapidash he pulled his cleaning kit out of it's saddlebags. and kept moving. "Well, it's gonna be a while before he talks," said Taurus. "Whenever he gets this way he's doing some heavy thinking." Insanellama continued cleaning his gun. Then he put it back together. As he passed by rapidash, in one fluid motion, he holstered his weapon, put up his cleaning kit, re-drew and fired at a knot hole in tree spitting it on his bullet. He pulled out a screwdriver, adjusted something and said in a low voice. "Site's a little to the right." he fired another round, "Much better." He holstered his weapon yet again, and turned to the group. "Well, best thing I think we can do, is take our time gettin to fuschia, lest someone's layin up for us." A russle in the bushes caught his attention. He started to draw, but saw it was to small to be a human. A charmander slipped out of the bushes. Insanellama unleashed Squirtle. "SQUIRTLE BUBBLE NOW!" He didn't want to make it faint but he wanted it weakened. It had the desired effect. "POKEBALL GO!" Charmander casually sidestepped. Then in a strange gesture which insanellama later interperated as charmander wanting a friend, charmander walked over to the pokeball, leaned down with its nose, rolled it over near rapidash, and pressed the button. Charmander went into the pokeball. Insanellama called him out. "Howdy there pardner." said Insanellama. "CHAR CHAR!" "Well, let's go on up ahead a little ways and set up camp," said Insanellama, "I'll watch our back trail, Taurus, u take point." They moved off into the night. TBC -Insanellama