From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: Re: [PW!] One good turn? Shine. (Attn: AznPikaPi!) Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 3:36 PM >Maria dashed after Dreadite, who walked off. She paused, and bent down >to grab something. "Hm.. four Pokéballs? Could be a good haul." Maria >picked up Karasu's belt, and walked after Dreadite. They walked towards >Cerulean City, like nothing had happened. Dreadite glanced at two >figures in the distance, and smiled. He walked towards them, folding >his wings behind his body. Wind glanced at the oncoming Rockets, and >sighed. > "Oh fucknuts. Dev you've got to get out of here." Wind said reaching into her bag. "What?" Dev said grabbing a pokeball. "Just trust me and get out of here, I'll meet you in Lavender in two weeks." Dev looked at her eyes, nodded, and started running in another direction. Wind quickly grabbed her Team Rocket pin and uniform and tucked her gun in her belt covered by her jacket and started off toward the two figures. "When the truth walks away, who is there is stay, because the truth about the world is that crime does pay. That's where Fireblade will stay." Wind bowed. "Now who are you creatures of the night?" Wind said sarcastically. TBC.. Ok that was sort, but I can't think right so bai bai "The world bites, live with it" Pen:brush:Keyboard:Paint. All bow to the Mother Wheedle. Hail Wheedle! =========-//> Wind Fireblade, Please send fanmail.<//-==========