From: M.W.F. <> Subject: [PW!] One ticket to Cinnabar Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 8:02 PM The Clefairy walked through the woods alone. It was quiet. It was a nice day. Weather reports said there was a storm heading to Fuschia, but he hopes to get a Lapras or a ship before the weather. Suddenly, he tripped over a hidden root. "$%#@ it!" White Blade was not in a good mood. He picked himself up. Being in a Clefairy's body had some adjusting to do. He also found he had an unusual urge for sweets. Not something he liked. "In the name of Allahkazam, I swear I am going to get this done and over with as soon as possible!" He started getting hungry and saw an apple tree. He tried climbing it, but being so small, he had trouble. He climbed on on a branch after what seemed hours, only to find a Pikachu had already found lunch. He saw an apple and tried reaching it, only to find it just out of reach. He took a small jump and nearly fell off. Clinging to the branch, he heard the Pikachu laughing at him. "Pika pika!" "Yeah, you laugh, I'm hungry. I don't suppose you'd be willing to help me here, would ya?" The Pikachu stared in shock. "Please?" <Pika cha pi?> "You talk like a human?" "Yeah, no big deal. I was trained." He knew this was a lie, but he couldn't really trust anyone or anything. Besides, it wasn't really a lie. Humans learn to speak like they were trained. It's just harder for pokemon to learn how. "Grr... so your master plan on capturing me?" The Pikachu got extremely defensive. "No I don't plan on capturing you. Noone's my master except me. Dang apple." His stomach rumbled. The Pikachu still kept his guard and started charging up a Thundershock. "Hey, I told you, I'm not here for a fight. All I wanted was an apple!" He recognized the charge build up, the Pikachu was getting ready to launch a strike. He thought to himself, "This is not my day." The Pikachu shot out a small bolt... hitting the apple stem. The apple landed right in front of White Blade's feet. "There, got it for you." White blade picked it up and took a bite. A little warm, just how he liked. "Thanks, you don't know... Ekans!" "What?!" Behind them, an Ekans was looking for lunch. The Pikachu looked easy enough, the Clefairy would be trouble. Either way, he'd be eating good. The Pikachu froze in terror. The Ekans coiled and sprung... and got a mouthful of apple. He spit it out and looked to see who threw it, only to meet the Clefairy face to face. White Blade grabbed its neck and said "Listen you, I'm not in the mood to be lunch today, got it? Now get out of here!" He threw the Ekans off balance and it fell straight to the ground. He turned around to see the Pikachu staring again. "You OK? Hello?" The Pikachu just jumped up and grabbed an apple. "Thanks. I... I didn't want to be lunch either." He handed the apple to White Blade. "Sorry you had to lose your lunch." "It's not a problem. I was just as scared as you. If he had gotten you, I'd have been his next target. Ekans will eat as much as they can when they get the chance." ----- That night, they were sitting in the tree talking. White Blade told his story in full. The Pikachu asked questions, naturally. "So, you go to Cinnabar and look for what you're supposed to do. How do you know that the information you're looking for will be there?" "I don't, but it's the best place to start. I'm going to have to find someway to get there. No money means I'll have to sneak a ride or something." "Why didn't you just use one of you pokemon from before your became a Clefairy?" "It's a new life. I doubt catching pokemon will be an option. I do know I'll need something more then my bare hands to get through this. I'm stopping by the Gym in Fuschia before hitting the road. Maybe I can get a sword there. Koga taught me how to use one before, and though I'm very rusty, it could be useful." "Pokemon don't use weapons." "Farfetch'd, Cubone, and Marowak do. Besides, if I'm going to brave the Cinnabar mansion looking for info, I'm going to have to deal with whatever I find there. Plus, I need to start training this body like a pokemon. I don't know what I can learn, but I should still be able to use TMs." "Well, I'm going to sleep. Maybe I'll see you in the morning. Good night." The Pikachu promptly fell asleep. White Blade remembered that Pikachus can fall asleep whenever they want. Not a bad idea for himself either. He got himself as comfotable as possible and laid back. He looked up at the stars and prayed that he could get this done as soon as he could. ----- He walked into Fuschia City, munching on one last apple. He looked West and saw storm clouds in the distance. Cinnabar and then Professor Oak to reclaim Draconi if possible. He was going to need help, that much was evident. He only hoped Draconi recognized him. Marching towards the gym, he noticed the damage from some time ago was fully repaired. He hoped Koga didn't hold that against him at all.