From: Pipian <> Subject: [PW!]Orion err... to the Rescue Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 7:57 AM Orion was so pleased at Mankey's capture that he let Mankey out of his pokéball to pet him. Then Mankey pointed off into the distance. "Mankey! Mankey!" it said as it tried to gallop around. "What? Is it a horse-like pokémon?" "Mankey!" it said as it nodded it's head. "Hmm..." said Orion as he walked in the direction Mankey was pointing. Then he saw it... a black Rapidash... THE black Rapidash... Chaoticllama's black Rapidash. "Rapi... Rapidash," it said. "Mankey, what did it say?" Orion asked. "Mankey, Mank, Key, Mank!" Mankey said as it was rolling around as if it were tied up. "Chaoticllama's in trouble? Let's go!" said Orion as he mounted the black Rapidash. With the wind in his hair, Orion travelled on Rapidash to Chaoticllama was last seen by Rapidash. "This is where he was last?" said Orion. "Wait, there are footprints leading north. Hmm... He could have been captured by Team Rocket..." Rapidash neighed as nodding his head. "Let's follow these footprints," said Orion, as he began to follow them. TBC Chaoticllama better not get too far, I need to keep Orion in this area, he can go a little ways, but he can't go too far. -- Pipian The guy who's contemplating the meaning of life and all that stuff. Once the Self-Proclaimed god of Creatures Sounds, Contemplating the meaning of Pokémon. ----------------------------- Soon to be creator of a mediocre fanfic/Pokéwars character