From: Daitooryoo <> Subject: [PW!] Outlook Express and Sierra Print Artist Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 6:51 PM Note* All Pokespeak is translated Dai walked back home after drinking the beverage seller's cold drink, he grew tired of asking the same question and walking in the same direction. Once Dai got back home he turned on the TV to the news channel, Dai always wanted to know what was going on around him. **On TV** "So the league, ahh who cares about the Pokemon league, let's get to the crime scene. Just this week, a top Rocket member named "Dreadite" killed a man and an Eevee. Let's join or Celadon correspondent", said the TV newsman. A reporter and a woman appeared in the midst of Celadon city, the camera zoomed in as the reporter was about to speak. "So who was the man who killed these two lives", the reporter asked. "He claimed to be the voice of Mewtwo, although I knew he was Dreadite, I feel sorry for that man", said the anguished woman. "The end of an Eevee, how sad, I can't count how many young trainers would have liked to have the furry bundle of joy, and it's all because of Team Rocket, if you have any information about other Rocket happenings, please inform Officer Jenny or our studios, Chief back to you", sadly spoke the reporter. **OFF TV** "God damn him, that man was one of the people I didn't ask if he was Alex", shouted Dai. "That Eevee was of my kind, I bet that evil rocket will kill other Eevee too", said Eevee. "I want to take revenge, we're going to Celadon City, Dreadite is going down", said Dai. "We should form a squad to take Dreadite down, he seems strong, you should get some people to join your cause", Eevee commented to Dai. "You're right, I'm forming a guild, a Dreadite Hunter's guild, I'll get on my PC and make flyers, and e-mail them to every pokecenter" , proclaimed Dai. Dai sat at his PC and worked on his ad campaign, he would then email it to every town with a Pokecenter. "Ahhh, Outlook Express 5 and Sierra Print Artist, let's go", Dai thought to him self. TBC. --