From: Alyssa <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Outside Oak's Lab Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 5:35 AM > "Excuse me for asking...." Seth smiled nervously, "But what are you? Some sort > of escaped genetic experiment?" ((OOC: Oh dear... run, Seth, run! ^_^;;;)) Twitch. Twitch. A vein stood out on Crystal's forehead. Her tail lashed back and forth violently, a sure sign of anger in a cat. Recognizing the warning signs, as well as the surge of fury he felt from his trainer, Firecrest grabbed Zippo and hastily moved twenty feet away. "I... am... not... an..." Before Seth or Aerie could get away, a bright wave of psychic energy exploded from the Persian, as did the word "EXPERIMENT!!!" When the light faded, everything inanimate within a seven-foot radius of Crystal was charred nicely. The two animate things that had unfortunately been in the same radius were charred and twitching too, but not as badly. Crystal smiled, letting out a happy sigh and crossing her arms. "Ahh, I feel cleansed. Now, like I said, I'm not an 'escaped genetic experiment'. This is my original, native form, and I'll thank you to keep those 'genetic experiment' comments tightly bottled up." The charred half-Dittos on the ground groaned, coughed out little smoke clouds, and nodded. ((OOC: Eheheh... sorry this is so short... very little inspiration ^_^;;; > ~Maria R > "Psy yie yie..." -- Lyssie Obssessive fan of Raichu, Mew, and James-sama "There really must be a society against cruelty to James." -- Maria (I agree! Only YOU can save James from Jessie's paper fans of death!) "I admit, I set him on fire once with my magic paper fan." -- Corynn "If you took a Mega Kick to the most sensitive part of your body, how eager would you be to jump up and run after a Pokemon?" -- James, from an IM roleplaying session "Yes, ma'am, I know everything but the answers." -- Peppermint Patty "Pretty mother, so graceful in the water. Too bad I have to kill you." -- Tentacruel, from one of my fanfics "Fungus Terpsichoreus Kawaiius!" -- Me "For some reason, I seem to be losing my liqui-ibrium!" -- James (well, how would YOU spell it?)