From: Ig88sw82 <> Subject: [PW!] Psyduck's True Power Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 12:21 AM Mark looked at Ebony. "Let's go get some badges." Ebony looked back. "You're on!" --- The trainer duo stepped inside the gym, Oddish and Sting close behind. The doors slammed shut behind them. It was eerily dark. "It's been awhile since I had a challenger," a voice sounded from the front of the room. "And now I have two!" Mark stepped up. "My name is Mark, and this is my friend Ebony. We've come to challenge you for the Cascade Badge." Suddenly, the lights flickered on, and the group could clearly see a large swimming pool in the center of the room. On the other end stood Misty. "Very well, but be prepared for disappointment." Just then, Ebony pointed at Misty's backpack, lying on the floor behind her. "What's that?" As Mark looked, he could see the pack rustling with movement. A head popped out of the bag. "Toge-toge-togepi!" Mark stared in awe. "What is that?" "That is my Togepi," Misty beamed. "And if you think you can find another, you're sadly mistaken." Misty picked up the Togepi and cradled it in her arms. "This is the only known Togepi today." "Pppppi! Toge-togepi!" "Wow. You certainly are lucky to have such a rare Pokémon," Mark admired. "Well, yeah, but... oh yeah, the battle." Mark blushed. "Sorry." --- "Two Pokémon, if you please." Misty and Mark stood on opposite ends of the pool. Ebony was playing with Togepi in the corner. "Suits me fine. Go Zubat!" Mark hurled the Pokéball on a platform in the pool. Zubat came screeching out. "Go, Staryu!" Misty tossed her ball into the water. When it hit the bottom, it opened up, spewing out the Staryu. "Okay Zubat, start out with Supersonic!" Zubat hovered in the air, and began letting out a high pitch. The Supersonic waves filled the room. Misty was undaunted. "Staryu, Bubblebeam!" The Starshape Pokémon wavered in confusion, then shook it off. It then immediately shot a burst of bubbles at Zubat. Although fast, the bat couldn't dodge the attack, and was blasted into the water. "Zubat, get out of the water!" Mark pleaded, but it was too late. Zubat was so wet that it couldn't lift itself out of the pool, making it an easy target for Staryu. Misty was growing more excited. "All right Staryu, Double-Edge, now!" Zubat turned just as Staryu spun through the air and smacked right into it. "Zubat, return!" Mark thought for a moment. "Go, Oddish!" Oddish was playing a game with Ebony and Togepi. "Oddish!" The Grass Pokémon turned, then remembered its duties. It immediately leapt onto the platform. "Oddish oddish!" "Okay, Oddish, Absorb!" "Staryu, Water Gun!" Staryu blasted its cannons at Oddish. Though blown back from the sheer force, Oddish pulled himself together, and shot his energy bubble at the Water Pokémon. The ball sucked energy from Staryu, then transported it back to Oddish, healing it. The Staryu wavered, then fainted. "Come back, Staryu!" Misty returned her fainted Pokémon. "Go Starmie!" But just as Misty was about to throw her ball, a burst of energy shot from her backpack. "Psy?" Misty screamed. "Psyduck? You're not Starmie!" The Psyduck looked at her in confusion. "Psy? Duck?" "Oh, just go ahead." Mark stood for a moment, then grinned. Psyduck was a fairly weak Pokémon, so he could win this one pretty easily. "Oddish, Acid attack!" A blob of Acid shot from Oddish's leaves, and landed directly on Psyduck's head. The Pokémon began to moan. Misty grinned. "Psyduck's headache is getting bigger." "Headache?" Mark questioned. "Just what's that supposed to mean?" "See for yourself." "Huh?" Mark turned just in time to see Psyduck's eyes glow a deep blue. With a "Psy!" he threw Oddish across the room without lifting a finger. Oddish groaned, then didn't get up. "Oddish!" Mark ran and embraced his Pokémon. "How did you do that?" Ebony then stood up. "Psyduck's hidden power. Even though he looks dumb, he can use powerful psychic attacks." Misty chimed in. "Unfortunately, it only works when this dopey duck gets a headache. Better luck next time, kid." She then turned towards Ebony. "You wanna go for the badge too?"