From: Ensign CJ <> Subject: [PW!] Pyyrus and the Ultimate Test Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 10:34 PM Chris stoppedoutside of the massive complex that was the Testing Center. He would have never pictured himself trying to do this, but here he was. As he just sat there, Chris tried to remember where or what had caused him to take what he had once described "The Easy Way Out." As far as Pyyrus could trace it, this whole plan started somewhere on Pokemon Island. He had let Aztec out to do something, but Aztec's aim was less than perfect and he was stroke by one of her Thunderbolts. That was all he could remember. When he finally came to he was on Cinnibar Island with some old cout who had soem sort of hidious accent that he could barely understand. From what Chris could gather it had been a solid week since the black out and his waking up in Cinnibar, and he quickly chartered a ride back home. Before he went though, he did recieve his reward for going to the island, and no one ever knew that he had smuggled in Pokemon. The Pokemon Chris got from the reward was a well trained Golem, which had been TMed up to the hilt. Yet Chris had barely struck the surface of his problems. Chris had been barely lucky enough to survive Aztec's blast. He was however inhibited from the legs down and it was recommended that he try to keep his moving about down to a minimum. His drive to win the badges had also seemed to have diminshed. Although he still loved Pokemon and battling he needed a way to get around due to the fact that he could not walk more than ten steps before he collapsed. One of his many strange and unusual projects before he left the Breedery was the PokeMaster-1000Z. The PokeMaster was an all terrain Pokemon tracking vehicle combining many technolgies in an attempt to easy the job of the Pokemon trainer trying to find Wild Pokemon. The PokeMaster was powered by a 250 HP rear-mounted Micro Merlin Engine that powered all three sets of propulsion drives. The PokeMaster could treverse difficult terrain in the mountains with easy ridding on its two large guiding wheels and two heavy traks to proppel it forward. For going up incredibly steep sided areas or sheer cliffs the PokeMaster carried one Quiet Run Turbofan under the main seat powered by the Merlin that could raise the PokeMaster up some 15 feet straight up in the air. For water the PokeMaster's traks and wheels retract to release several small pontoons to allow the PokeMaster to float. Along with a single water jet nossle, it could make some 10 knots down a river. It was the perfect all terrain craft that Chris needed. Along with it's already perfect shape and size, the PokeMaster also contained many nifty features in the tracking of Pokemon. It had a biological senser, that could detect Pokemon within 50 yds. and an onboard computer that contained the entire chemical makeup of nearly every Pokemon along with PokeDex information. Well enough said about Chris' toy! Time to get back to the story! We left off with Chris just sitting outside of the Pokemon League Admission Test Center sitting there in the PokeMaster. He popped the switch on the main consule infront of him. The large curved front plate that covered his legs slowly retracted. With a very slow hissing sound the forward wheels dipped slowly so that Chris' wheelchair could get out. In about 15 seconds the forward plate had broke into two and split to the sides and the PokeMaster was at ground level. Chris grabbed the sides of the pulled himself forward. The chair that he sat in to drive the PokeMaster came with him and rolled out gently. Chris grabbed the sides of the wheels on the chair and pushed forward. The wheelchair then slowly rolled forward and Chris cruised into the Testing Center. Chris gazed upward at the various people that were sitting all over the registration area. The registration area was a true cross section of Pokemon Society. There were some people who were short and fat. Others were tall skinny and pale, all bustling along with their various chores before they went in for the test. Many of the people were trying to relax, while others were cramming frantically. Meanwhile still others were on verge of cracking under the stress before the test. Chris after taking in the sights of everything, went up to the main counter. Where he told the man manning it his name and signed in along with turning over his Pokeballs Unlike some, Chris had made reservations to take test a week in advance so he didn't have to fool around with paperwork. Chris had barely wheeled his way over to his own little corner when the intercom popped on, "All test takers to their examination rooms for the first exam." Chris wheeled his way down a corridor. There were several doors each marked with a certain number. Do to the fact that everyone could not fit into one testing room, everyone was broken up into indivitually numbered rooms and groups. Chris quickly found his way to his room and rolled his way to a place in the back row. The Pokemon Master then stepped upto the main podium and turned on the microphone. "Now, this is the first of three exams you will have to take," he said "here you will have to answer a series of true and false questions. You may begin." A few seconds after the Pokemon Master finished talking the computer display in front of Chris popped on. "Question 1: Charizard only has charactoristics of Fire Pokemon, Ture or False." the Computer asked. "False, a Charizard has wings." Chris said punching the false key. "Question 2: Voltorbs hover by using an anti-gravity field, true or false? "True, this is beginners stuff." "Question 3: Vulpix only evolves into Ninetales only by using a Firestone, true or false?" "True" "Question 4: Lapras is only a water type Pokemon, true or false?" "False" "Question 5: Hitmonlee is known as the Devil Punching Demon, true or false?" "False" And so it went on, for another 15 questions that is. Chris thought that the first exam was simple, do to the fact that he had to learn how Pokemon grow and evolve do to the fact it had been his business and still was. After about an hour of the question and answers, the Pokemon master stepped back up to the microphone. "Excellent, we are now done the first exam. The second exam will be series of identification questions based upon pictures," The Pokemon Master said as a picture appeared behind him, "name that Pokemon!" Chris looked at picture. It looked like a huge face mocking you, and Chris knew immediately that it was an Arbok. So that went on for another hour or so, Chris getting a little more enjoyment do to the fact that they were far harder than the first exam. Finally after two hard hours of work, everyone filled out of the room back out into the wating area to see how they had done. Chris doddled on his way out because he feared that he had done quite bad. He miandered out to the main waiting area and looked up at the board. His mouth made a perfect O for a second as he saw where he was placing. Chris had answered some 37 out of the 40 questions asked and was tied for 2nd out of everyone who had taken the test. He then decided that he had better get outside for the final exam....Pokemon Battling. Chris rolled his way out into the bright sunlight. It was, he thought, nice to get out of the confining building. Chris took a big breath of fresh air and moved his way over to a stand that had 15 belts of 3 Pokeballs each on it. He consulted the Pokemon Master for any suggestions and came up with a system to find a good one. He closed his eyes and grabbed a belt of Pokeballs and rolled his way over to the line. After a few minutes Chris rolled his way up into his box on the battle field, and grabbed a Pokeball from his belt. "Pokeball go!" called the Pokemon Master "Pokeball go!" Chris called. Both of the Pokeballs opened at the same time and released what the kept inside. The Pokemon Master had gotten an Ekans and Chris recieved a Nidorino "Ekans, Bite!" called the Master "Nidorino, Horn Attack!" Chris called. The Ekans slithered towards the Nidorino quickly but the Nidorino was quicker. The Nidorino lunged forward and jammed his horn into the Ekans sending the Ekans flying backwards. "Ekans, Screech!" the Master called "Nidorino, finish it! Horn Drill!" Chris ordered. The Ekens got ready to screech its heart out but was slammed by the Nidorino and was sent flying backwards. The Ekans fell to the ground limp and out cold. "Good fight, but this isn't over yet. Ekans return! Pokeball go!" the Master called. "Nidorino return! Pokeball go!" Chris followed. Again the Pokeballs opened about the same time, but the master this time had a distinctive advantage. The Master had gotton a Wartortle and Chris had recieved a Flareon. "Wartortle, Water Gun!" The master called. "Flareon quick, Leer it before it can attack!" Chris ordered. The Flareon's eyes light up and let loose a Leer only seconds before the Wartortle was about to release his attack. The Wartortle gurgled the water and became dizzy, about ready to collapse. "Wartortle, come to! Use Skull Bash!" called the Master seeing an upset coming. "Flareon, now while it is dazed! Chare it! Use Flamethrower!" Chris ordered. The Flareon blew a a rope off fire that literally chared the Wartortle. It like the Ekans before it let out a small shreak and fell limp. "Flareon return! Pokeball go!" Chris ordered. "Wartortle Return, Pokeball go!" Called the master. This time Chris had a well earned edge. He had gotten lucky and gotten a Lapras against a Charmeleon. "Charmeleon, Slash it!" "Lapras, hit it Hydro Pump!" Chris ordered. This battle was no contest. The masive Lapras blew out a massive jet of water that clobbered the poor Charmeleon and sent it to the ground shrieking in pain. Chris threw up his arms in joy. He had won his series of battles and had easily passed the test....he had beaten the Ultimate Test and was now part of the Pokemon League. "You are quite good Mr. Pyyrus. Your knowledge of Pokemon is extensive and your skills as a trainer or good. We, of the Pokemon League, hearby award you the Pokemon League Admission Badge, for outstanding knowledge of Pokemon species and training. you are now an offical member of the Pokemon League." the Master said taking out the bright red badge and handing it to Chris. Chris was almost about to cry. The Master then left for a few minutes and returned with Chris' PokeBalls, and Pyyrus rolled his way to the PokeMaster, he had a long trip to take back home for a well deserved rest and some major training to do before he would have his renduvous with destiny... ...TBC? OOC: Alright so I took the easy way out....and sorry this so very long. I had to explain my inactvity for the past 3 weeks and if the test that was featured in "The Ultimate Test" is illegal for some reason or violates some sort of rule, tell me and I'll void this post. -Chris Pyyrus **************** High Priest of the Garfield Syndicate ****************************************** Garfield is no cat! He's a new Pokemon species!