From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Questionable Behavior Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 12:02 AM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > Minax places the Communicator and the special salt-filled Pokeball back > inside her bag. "I don't think I'll be sending Doppler to the Boss when > I finally do catch him. I mean, why would the Boss want a Ditto's > corpse?" A twisted grin appears on her face. She grabs her glossy black > leather boots and forces her feet into them again. Once she is fully > dressed again, she stands up, and squeezes her way out of the tight > alley, into the smog-ridden streets of Saffron City. Several minutes later... "You only met me once, and already, you're trying to set me up." Minax tenses, looking around...but the smog is particularly thick just then, as dense as fog. Sniffing briefly, Minax realizes that a lot of the smog is Koffing excrement; Doppler must have put it out to conceal himself. "My associates have infiltrated Team Rocket. They notified me what I was being blamed for. I like your devotion...but not your direction. Such loyalty to the old ways will surely put an end to your quest." One hand snakes out towards Minax. Expecting it, she grabs the hand before it can do more than brush her, flipping the body attached to it into the ground, hard. She is not at all surprised to see a duplicate of herself. Once the body hits the ground, though, she realizes where the hand had been. " touch me *THERE*..." Anger clouds her vision as she looks at Doppler. Doppler realizes that, in all the smog, this was probably the worst case result of stumbling on that rock so 'her' hand reached below Minax's navel... TBC?