From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] RK Needs Our Help! What? Just Rilli's?! Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 2:06 PM >Rilli dusted off her hands and turned to Robert with a sweet smile. "Now then, >how does dinner sound?" >Nendil Just a little bit of drool is apparent on the corner of Robert's lips. He is still dreaming about the tightly dressed, big bosomed, barefoot Mithril-rama who sat next to him... "What? ...Dinner? In a moment! I need to check my E-Mail!" "Check your E-Mail?" Mithril-rama tilts her head quizzically, "Didn't you do that this morni...uhh, this afternoon when we woke up? You're going to do it again? Why?" Robert scratches his hair, "I don't know... I just have a good feeling that I'll find something there! Maybe another new Pokemon? Golduck sure wasn't much help." Robert sighs, and sits at the nearest computer console. Within minutes, he opens up his Internet provider, and surely enough it chimes, "You've got mail!" Something is different, though. The electronic message doesn't belong to Bill or RK. It comes from Erika. Robert sweatdrops, "I hope she doesn't want to take back my Rainbow Badge!" He clicks the message and reads: "from: leader@celadon.gym Subject: Pokepedia Robert, I know your friend Rilli has an item called the Pokepedia with her. It was a gift from RK. I need you to bring it to the Saffron City Hospital as soon as you can. RK's life may be in the balance. Please contact me in Celadon before you head to the hospital. Thank you and good luck with your training. Erika Leader of the Celadon Gym Guardian of the Rainbow Badge" Rilli, curious about the message, was listening in while Robert read the letter outloud. She clears her throat and says, "RK's life is in danger? And the Pokepedia he gave me is needed? I knew he shouldn't have given me this!" She reaches into her purse and withdraws the complex contraption. "I haven't used it too much and now he needs it!" Robert raises his thumb to his mouth and bites on his nail, already pondering a course of action, "RK's life is in the balance...? We'll need to send the Pokepedia using some sort of mailing service... That way he can get it and we don't go off course. I'm not ready to challenge Sabrina just yet... I would much rather head to Viridian City. If we use a mailing service, I'm sure he'll get the package and our journey won't be interrupted!" Mithril-rama begins to nod, but changes her mind, "Wait! Remember what happened last night at the beach party? Things around here get stolen...and wouldn't Team Rocket want to get their hands on the single most complete source of Pokemon information in the known world? It's unsafe to mail it. We'll have to fly to Saffron City somehow. Too bad the machine that CJ Smith gave you broke! Farfetch'd would be able to fly us there..." A nosy little boy that has been listening in interrupts, "Are you lookin' fer a way to git to Saffron? Well, yer in luck, cuz there's a Pidgeot Express around here. Fer just 500 pokebucks each, they'll fly ya there on the same day! It's awesome cuz its a round trip ticket...but only on tha same day... if not, ya gotta pay 500 more!" "Really?" Mithril-rama goes back to searching inside her small but spacious purse, "Let's see. I have about 400 inside here. Robert, you have a little over 100, don't you? That way we can afford one round trip ticket. I can use the Pidgeot Express and fly to Saffron City by myself first thing tomorrow morning. Then I..." "No!" Robert blurts out, but his expression soon becomes sheepish, "I mean... I don't want to split up. We've come this far without having to part, and we should keep going without parting. We'll have to go together or... or..." Mithril-rama holds Robert's hands in hers, "We must think about RK's life first. The only way we'll be absolutely sure that he gets the Pokepedia is if I deliver it to him myself. We'll only be apart one day... I'll fly right back to wherever you want to meet up on the same day! Didn't you just say you wanted to go to Viridian City? It's about a day's trip if you wake up tomorrow morning. We split up here, and meet at night in the Pidgeot Express in Viridian... isn't there one there?" The nosy kid, who hasn't stopped overhearing their plans, nods, "Yep. One there too!" Mithril-rama looks at Robert with pleading eyes, "Well? Isn't it a good idea?" Robert's eyebrows drop down in a moping expression, "Isn't there another way? Can't we send someone else to take it? I'm sure there's plenty of trustworthy people around here... Maybe Officer Jenny?" "Sometimes Team Rocket people disguise themselves as Jennys," Mithril-rama looks down somberly. Robert places his hands on his forehead, "Well... well... Since it's for RK... Fine. Okay. We'll do it. Whatever!" Rilli quickly kisses him on the cheek, "All right! I'm glad you consent, Robert! I mean, some time apart might help us both. On the plus side, we'll make tonight the best night ever!" Robert looks just a little cheerier, "Yeah... YEAH! Well, first I need to type something up. Erika wants a reply. Why don't you go slip into something more formal? I'm going to take you to the best restaurant on this Island!" "We can't!" Mithril-rama brings Robert back to reality with this information, "We need the 500 coins to buy my ticket for the Pidgeot Express! Let's eat here in the Pokemon Center where it's free... I _can_ go change into something nicer, though!" She walks away, wondering what has happened to RK, knowing she'll find out soon enough. Robert begins typing a reply to send to Erika: "From: robert@lavender.twn Subject: Re: Pokepedia My friend Mithril-rama, also known as Rilli, has decided to deliver the Pokepedia that RK gave her to you personally. She will be flying to the Saffron City Hospital on the Pidgeot Express early tomorrow morning. Please wait there for her! I hope RK will be alright. He's always been a good friend to both of us, and I would hate to see something bad happen to him. Good luck with whatever you are planning to do. The Pokepedia will be there to assist you tomorrow! -Robert" Robert sighs to himself as he hits the "Send" button. He shuts down the computer, stands up, shoves his hands into his pockets, and strolls over to the room in the Pokemon Center where he is currently staying, looking downwards the entire time. He tries to open the door, but finds it locked. He knocks on it three times, "Hello?" Mithril-rama's voice resonates in the hallway, coming from within, "Just a minute! I'll be right out!" -Robert