From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] Road to Grandpa Canyon Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 12:04 AM The newsletter came in the pokemon center today. The head lines read, "Pokemon Trial." Of course, Dern, Kathy, Raven, and Derrick read through the article. "Hey," Raven said, "It looks like the pokemon gangs are getting what they deserve!" Kathy nodded in agreement. "But," Dern replied, "that means the Grimer gang too, are in deep water." "You actually miss that group of stinkin slime?" Kathy asked. "Yeah, it doesn't feel the same without them." "Uhh....." Raven was clueless as to what they were talking about since he had just gotten to Cerulean the previous day. "Hey, look what it says here!" Derrick interrupted. "Huh?" They all turned towards him. "The trial of the pokemon gangs will be delayed because of a big event happening soon." "Big event?" "Yeah, Grandpa Canyon. The fossil place." "When will the trial begin?" "I guess they haven't set a date yet." "Well, where is the trial?" Dern asked. "In the Supreme Pokemon Court." "Located in......." "I think it was Celadon.." "And isn't Grandpa Canyon located near there too?" "Yeah.." "So, lets get moving!" "Yeah," the others agreed. "Well, we've all been here long enough. And a magourity has chosen, so lets go! To Grandpa Canyon!" They all got up, but were disturbed by Nurse Joy. "Excuse me!" she shouted, "but is anyone here named Dern?" "Yeah, me.." He walked over to her and she gave him a paper. As he read through it, the expression on his face turned sour. "What is it?" they eagerly asked. "It's a notice from the Pokemon Leage Supreme Court." "And...." "And it says that since the gangs seem to follow me, I must apoint a lawyer to them." "What about the girl with the Koffing Krew?" "I got one too," she interrupted. "I know a good lawyer," Kathy spoke. "His name is Dancelle Wobster." "No no no!" Dern said. "The lawyer must be a pokemon!" "WHAT?" "The judge, the prosecutor, the jury, everything! They all are pokemon!" "Then how.." "People can watch, but that's about it." "They all speak a different language," Raven countered. "How will they understand each other?" "There is a device called a pokemon translater." <<Hours Later After the Boring, Ongoing Conversation>> "Where are we going to find a pokemon lawyer?" they wondered as they walked along the road to Saffron. Out in the middle of nowhere, they saw a building that read, Pokemon Lawyers Service. "Just my luck!" Dern ran inside the place and came back out with a tall man. "We now have a new pokemon lawyer!" Dern exclaimed. "Really? Who?" "It's in the poke ball," the man answered. "I already payed," Dern said. "What! You idiot!" "I guarantee you that each pokemon has been with us for at least five years," the creepy guy answered with an even spookier grin. They accepted the lawyer and went on there marry way. "Aren't you going to see what the lawyer is?" Kathy asked. "Good idea! Poke ball, GO!" And out came a............... "Magikarp! Magikarp!" "Magikarp?" they all shouted at once. "Take it back! Take it back!" "Uhh, I sorta noticed a sign that said no refunds." They all fell over. "Tricked by Team Rocket." Raven said. "huh? Team Rocket?" "Yeah, I can smell their stench anywhere! It's a scam! And now, we can't afford another lawyer." To Be Continued [Comments?] Pokemon of Story: Magikarp Question of Day: What is the exact location of Grandpa Canyon? Yesterday's Question: What did Kathy not believe about Derrick in the past few stories written by me? Answer: She didn't believe he was a still a virgin after that one night... ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door, And I intend to find it...."