From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Robert is Alone Once Again Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 9:15 PM Robert walks towards the northern beach of Cinnabar Island. On the way there, he shudders in the general direction of the Cinnabar Island Gym. When he finally arrives at the warm sands, he sits down to contemplate. The contemplation period is cut short by some strange noises. He squints his eyes in a certain direction and sees what is causing this commotion: two Slowpoke of opposite genders in some sort of ritual. They both stare at each other aimlessly. "Nature's a beautiful thing... isn't it...?" Robert glances towards his right, only to remember that Mithril-rama isn't there to add to any of his comments. "Hmmph." He stands up and heads towards the shore. Robert looks down at the Pokeballs on his belt. "I think I'll use Slowbro... I just wouldn't feel right surfing on top of Golduck...It would be too... weird." Within seconds, the fifth Pokeball on Robert's belt is yanked off and thrown onto the shore. Slowbro emerges and marches off into the sea, already aware of why Robert called him. Water... and more water... and still more water. Robert leans up against the Shellder on Slowbro's tail as the Pokemon glides northward across the sea, passing over the dreaded Cinnabar Triangle which was said to bring about odd natural occurrences. On none of his past trips across this patch of water had Robert found anything out of the ordinary. This voyage isn't any different. The time spent sailing northward is so horribly unexciting, that by the time Slowbro arrives the southern shores of Pallet Town, Robert has been completely knocked back into his serious stupor of a personality. "It's about time. That took..." Robert glances into his watch, "A little under two hours? Not bad, Slowbro." Slowbro grins wider than usual, "Ahhh... Slow Slow...Slow bro!" "That's about enough of that." Robert grabs Slowbro's Pokeball, sucks him back in, and places the ball on his belt. The first thing that Robert casts his eyes upon is Professor Oak's Lab. There seems to be commotion around that area. Not wanting to deal with other people by himself, he avoids the very visible landmark. The second thing that Robert notices is a short, black haired girl in the distance. She reminds Robert of Mithril-rama... In fact, she looks almost exactly like her. "What's this?" Robert is curious, so he sneaks up closer and closer to the girl in the distance... As he gets closer, she looks more and more like Rilli. "Could it be? Maybe RK only needed her for an hour and she already flew back... It's possible... Rilli! Wait up!" Robert begins a mad dash towards the girl, and eventually stops right in front of her. Much to his surprise, it IS, indeed, Mithril-rama, after all! Robert smiles and hugs her, but she doesn't hug back. "Oh, Rilli, I'm so glad to see you again! The trip from Cinnabar Island was toooo boring! I can't stand to be without you!" Mithril-rama returns the smile and whispers, "I can't stand to be without you, toooo!" Robert's heart skips a beat. "No... It can't be..." He backs away from Mithril-rama... "Wait up!" She cries out, sounding very excited, "I'm glad to be boring! Can't you see?" The world comes crashing down before Robert. First, he feels gullible. He feels like a sap. This emotion is quickly drowned out by sadness... And just as Mithril-rama melts down to the form of a happy purple Ditto, Robert's sadness melts down to acceptance mixed with slight perversion. "Hey, little guy...I'll stop trying to catch you if you turn into Rilli for the rest of the day and walk around with me... Will you do that for me, please?" The simple facial expression on the silly Ditto looks as perplexed as it can be. After some consideration, it wiggles its body in a motion that implies an affirmative response. "Really?!" Robert's eyes light up, "Okay... Transform now!" The Ditto shimmers in a white light and begins to expand it's body... It continues to expand until it sets on a feminine form. A feminine form that is slightly taller than Robert. When the white light fades, the exact replica of a woman stands where the Ditto once stood - a replica of Bambi, Jeremy's blue-haired, green-eyed bimbo. Even the clothing matches exactly - a tight pink shirt, light blue short shorts, and yellow flip flops on her feet. Robert's eyelids drop and one of his eyes begins to twitch. His acceptance suddenly transforms itself into a gargantuan surge of anger and hatred, "ARRRGH! You stupid Pokemon! Ca't you do anything right?! Take this!" Robert pulls back a clenched fist and slams it with full force straight into Bambi's innocent wide-eyed face! The fist goes right through the girl's countenance, and lodges itself, quite literally, inside Bambi's head, right where a skull should be... The Ditto's oozy form keeps Robert's hand in place, stuck within Bambi's now crushed face. Robert is surprised at his own horrendous action as he stares into Bambi's distorted face. "I...did this?" Robert pulls his fist away from Bambi and falls to the ground. Bambi, her face still imprinted with Robert's knuckles, jumps on top of Robert and begins to force herself upon him... "NOOOO!" Robert tries to push Bambi off of him, but wherever he pushes, his hand gets implanted into Bambi's body. Soon, Bambi is no longer there... just a giant pile of flesh colored goop sprawled out on top of Robert... Robert struggles for a Pokeball on his belt... any Pokeball at all. He grabs the sixth one by coincidence and tosses it out... The female Golduck appears, just about as curvy, if not as tall as, the Bambi which the Ditto pretended to be. Robert shouts out, "Get this thing off of me!" Golduck quacks, "Duck!" She places her flipper hands onto the temples on her head. "Gol... Gol... GOLDUCK!" A confusion blast is shot out at the Ditto, but having very poor aim, the blast hits Robert as well! Ditto melts away from Robert and slides into the bushes, in search of someone else to play with. Robert stands up and dances around like a ballerina, "Ahhh! Golduck, confused you me! Dare how you such a thing do?!" He begins spinning around with his arms outstretched, and he hits his Golduck in his frenzy... She falls onto the ground, struggles to get up, but due to sheer clumsiness trips on her own webbed feet and crashes into the confused Robert. Robert's confusion combined with Golduck's clumsiness is a ridiculous sight to see. Fortunately, no one is watching the spectacle... Or is someone watching it from a distance? -Robert