From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] Runaway Runaway Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 8:32 PM It was 3 AM. Wind was still tossing and turning in her sleep in the hospital. "Sabrina!" The fat short doctor waved at the still sleepy Saffron City Gym Leader. "What was so important that it couldn't wait till morning?" Sabrina mumbled. "Her brain scan there's something unusual." "All psychics have..." "I realized that. I checked, this is separate, and I don't know what it is. I think she may me a Mew victim. I looked through her things as well." The doctor walked to Wind's messenger bag. "Her name is Wind Fireblade. She's the daughter of the pokemon researchers that perished 3 years ago a little south of Pallet. After that she'd been kicked out of pokemon tech for violent outbursts, she's been in a drug rehab..." "All the matter for trauma waves, and she's a psychic as well, with developing powers, it's obvious that she would be struggling." "I found some other things." "Team Rocket Pin, two badges, a picture of an ex-boyfriend, this illegal pistol. I don't know about you but I think she may be trouble." "I realize that about Team Rocket, but that doesn't explain why this particular brain wave is so interesting." Sabrina say tapping at the screen. "We think Mew might have had established a link to her before, and she might have broken away, but it damaged her. Combined with her original traumas this might be..." "Get to the point doctor." "I'm saying this girl is a ticking timebomb, she could go mad if we don't get her under control..." "There'll be none of that," Sabrina sifted through Wind's belongings. "She was staying with Misty Waterflower and her boytoy Ash Ketchum in Cerulean City, I'll give them a call in the morning. Until then keep an eye on her, I don't want her slipping into another coma." 8:00.... Wind was pulling on some clean pants and a shirt. The doctor walked in. "Hey why aren't you..." "Look I've had enough rest and being hooked up to machines and wearing a piece of cloth. Now if you don't mind I'm leaving now."' The doctor stood there for a moment, never seeing patients leave so easily before. Then he started running after her but Wind already left. ++++++++++++++++++ "What the hell am I doing here Sandshrew? I'm 14 and yesterday I went completely insane and then I ended up in a coma for a few hours. And I'm in this wacko town." Wind was saying as she passed by a man teleporting around the block. After getting lost she finally made it to the Saffron Gym. After walking around a bit more she found Sabrina. "Good morning." Wind said. "You don't look like you slept a lot yesterday." "Had a rough night." Sabrina remembered calling Misty and hearing a lot of different sounds, including, "OHHHH Ash stop it" as they tried to have a serious conversation. "Anyway... I've been trying to use my psychics lately, and usually, I can't do anything, or Sandshrew here goes up in the air, or spoons split in half" "Ok let's see what we can do." After the day's series of vigorous mind exercises Wind was exhausted. "I hope that helped you." "Yeah, I don't think Sandshrew will be bounced around anymore." "Good, I hope you'll consider staying another day." "OK, then I guess I'll be back tomorrow." Wind walked out the Gym a bit dazed. The whole time it seemed like Sabrina was...observing her. She knew that Sabrina had a piecing stare already, but it seemed like every once in a while she tapped something in a computer. Wind decided to eat breakfast with her the next day and get out of town. That's when they found her... "FREEZE POLICE!" Officer Jenny and some other official looking people stood around her. "We need to take you in." "For what?" "Being a member of Team Rocket for one, but these men need to take a look at you." So that's why Sabrina watched her so carefully. "This is bullshit." Wind started walking around the corner and then sprinted as fast as she could, finally she reached a dark suburb. The sounds of people following subsided. "Sandshrew, we've got to skip town, I don't know how much those pricks know about me, but it's certain things aren't going to be good for me." Wind grabbed her pistol and made for the hills. "The world bites, live with it" Pen:brush:Keyboard:Paint. All bow to the Mother Wheedle. Hail Wheedle! =========-//> Wind Fireblade, Please send fanmail.<//-==========