From: Alyssa <> Subject: [PW!] See Crystal. See Crystal have bad day. See Crystal destroy any and all in her path. Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 11:44 AM An anthropomorphic Persian in a trenchcoat, accompanied by a Charizard, stomped through town. People left her alone, deciding it would be a bad idea to get in her way. Which, of course, it was. You see, Crystal couldn't catch a ferry off Cinnabar. So unless Firecrest's wing magically healed, Crystal had no way off this island. And as if that wasn't bad enough, 'that time of the month' had to make itself known, which was NOT fun when you were wearing a very short skirt. As Crystal muttered a long stream of profanities in Persian, Firecrest tapped her on the shoulder. "Char," he told her, pointing ahead. A large sign proclaimed "RENT-A-PIDGEOT" "Aahhh! Arigato gozaimasu, Firecrest!" She started to rush towards the building but stopped and winced. "Bloody stupid cramps..." Firecrest winced. "Izard char." "Oh well." Crystal walked slowly to the building and entered, Firecrest waiting outside. She walked up to the counter. "Excuse me, sir," she asked the man there, "I'd like to rent a Pidgeot." The guy raised an eyebrow, but it soon went down. "Sorry, miss. Just rented out the last one." He looked her up and down. "What *are* you?" "I'm an anthropomorphic psychic Persian who's having her magic joyful happy time, so do NOT bug me," Crystal said through gritted teeth. The poor guy blushed and winced. "Sorry, sorry! But we really are out of Pidgeots. Sorry." Crystal stomped out of the building. ----- With no other way off the island, Crystal had finally gone to her last-resort choice. Stealing a Surf HM from a nearby trainer, she had taught it to Whirlpool, the first Pokemon she'd successfully stolen. (Author's note: Yes, I know her WG says she caught it, but it being stolen works better), replacing its Doubleslap move. Now, she was busily trying to get the Poliwhirl to obey her. "Come on, Whirlpool. You do NOT want to see me any more ticked than I already am. Would it kill you to carry me to Pallet JUST this once?" "Whirl poli," Whirlpool said, nodding. Crystal restrained her Fist of Death and called out Zippo. The eager little Zubat flapped around Crystal's head, looking as cute as a Zubat possibly can. "Zu! Bat! Zubat?" he asked, eager to please. "Firecrest, Zippo, will you two please convince Whirlpool to carry me to Pallet?" "Char!" "Bat!" The Charizard and Zubat began talking to the Poliwhirl. He stubbornly crossed his arms and shook what passed for his head. "Whirl." Zippo and Firecrest loomed over the water-type, looking very angry, with fire in the background. "CHARIZARD!!!!" "ZUBAT!!!!" Whirlpool sweatdropped and nodded. Zippo and Firecrest reverted to normal size with a grin, task completed. "Good job, you two," Crystal said with a grin. "Come on back now. I'll let you out when I get to Pallet." With that, she climbed onto her Poliwhirl, who began swimming. Crystal suddenly yowled, realizing that the water was icy cold. It was gonna be a long ride. ----- It was a wet, grumpy Persian girl that stomped through Pallet with a Zubat on her shoulder and a Charizard by her side. She flung herself onto the bench and grumbled. She was gonna sit riiiiiight here until she felt better or the world came to a flaming end. Whichever came first. (OOC: Okay, Maria, ready for interaction any time Seth and Aerie can spare a moment ;)) -- Lyssie Obssessive fan of Raichu, Mew, and James-sama "There really must be a society against cruelty to James." -- Maria (I agree! Only YOU can save James from Jessie's paper fans of death!) "I admit, I set him on fire once with my magic paper fan." -- Corynn "If you took a Mega Kick to the most sensitive part of your body, how eager would you be to jump up and run after a Pokemon?" -- James, from an IM roleplaying session "Yes, ma'am, I know everything but the answers." -- Peppermint Patty "Pretty mother, so graceful in the water. Too bad I have to kill you." -- Tentacruel, from one of my fanfics "Fungus Terpsichoreus Kawaiius!" -- Me "For some reason, I seem to be losing my liqui-ibrium!" -- James (well, how would YOU spell it?)