From: ShadeniteX <> Subject: [PW!] Shadowcatchesanewpokemon,andmakesplanstomeetcancaterpie Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 2:23 PM Shadow's pokemon....if i remember correctly Magneton: Name : Thunderknight Level : 49 + 2 = 51 + 2 = 53 + 2 Moves : Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Supersonic Dragonair : Name : Mystic Level : 52 + 2 = 54 + 1 = 55 Moves : Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Bubblebeam, Psychic.....but those are new, and I liked the other moves better, I wish I remembered them....... Tentacruel : Name : Seastar ( for the crystal on his head which, peple reffer to, as shiny as a star ) Level : 43 + 6 = 49 + 3 = 52 Moves : Acid, Waterfall, Barrier, Ice Beam Seadra : Name : Vortex Level : 56 Moves : Blizzard, Hydro Pump, TBA, TBA On Shadow's way to Safari Zone, he meets the fishing guru, in Fuscia City. The fisherman gave him a great rod. He says that he can fish in the back of his house for a while. There, he meets some pokmeon, but none of them really want to battle, and are annoyed by the pain of being caught. So, he apologizes and leaves, he also gives the rod back. He decides that he is going to catch 1 more pokemon, before meeting Clan Caterpie. He asks a nearby citezen to fly him to Route 12, along the water. There, he goes to the top of one of the towers, and he spots a very lonely Seadra. He really likes seadra, they are one of his favorite pokemon. He decides to go fown and ask what i wrong to the poemon, so he sends out his 2 pokemon to comfort it. They have a great time. They like the seadra, and it enjoys there company. The seadra gets to asking, who is your trainer? they point to a trainer, wearing black clothes, thin about 17 years old. He asks them if he is looking for a pokemon, and they say that he sent us here to comfort you, and yes. The Seadra agrees to go with them, but they have to catch him. He says, that he has to go and buy a pokeball first, so ghoes and gets a pokeball, when he omes back , the seadra is sleeping, he doesn't want to wake it up, so he sleeps there overnight. When he wakes up, his food and money is gone, and he fings 2 drenched,knocked out robbers standing a few meters away, and they seadra patriently waiting for him to wake up. He thanx the seadra, and they battle! Seadra, level 56, Blizzard Magneton, thunderbolt Seadra Hydro Pump Magneton, thunder, misses Seadra, Ice Beam Magneton, faints Seadra Ice beam Dragonair, Hyper Beam Seadra, weak, GO GREATBALL! --<(--o--)>--1 --<(--o--)>--2 --<(--o--)>--3 SEADRA WAS CAUGHT! YAY! Later, he fought a couple people, and Thunderknight gained 2 levels. There, @ the safari zone he doesn't c clan caterpie, but they said that they would be there tommorow, so he found a hotel, and slept there.