From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Shopping in Celadon (was: [PW!] Now in Saffron...) Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 7:10 PM wrote: <snippage> > Damian shot to Jon "Shopping doesnít sound like such a bad thing right about > now. You feel like going along until lunchtime?" Jonís response was a > somewhat lackluster "Yeah, sure, why not? It beats sitting around at the > Pokemon Center." > > "Drake?" Damian inquired of the large pokemon. The dragonite made a graceful > sweep of his arm in an "after you" gesture. The trio walked out of the Game > Corner and into the sunny city streets. > > The first few blocks moving away from the Game Corner were filled with > expensive clothing stores. They didnít hold much interest for the young > trainers save for a momentís distraction provided by one shiny article of > clothing or another. > > The trio then spied a store that looked interesting: an electronics store. > Damian was about to turn to Jon to suggest going inside when something flew > by right in front of his face. "WhatÖ" Something flew right by his face > again. "theÖ" Something went by his face again and he tried to see what it > was but it moved around behind him before he could really focus on it. > "heckÖ" As it moved past his vision a fourth time he noticed that Jon had > caught sight of whatever it was. "isÖ" Damian finally figured out the > rather regular pattern and pointed at the object at the moment it passed in > front of his face. "that?" > > Jonís eyes stayed with the object for a moment before fixing on Damian and > answering "It looks like youíve got a Magnemite circling your head. I guess > youíve got a real magnetic personality!" > > It took all of half a second for a smile to spread across Jon and Drakeís > faces and only a second after that for the two of them to start laughing out > loud at the bad joke about the strange situation. > > "Yeah, well, see if I help you out the next time you have a pokemon circling > your head." The laughter had started to die down before Damian said this, but > it picked up after that. After another moment the laughter infected Damian as > well and he managed a little chuckle before everybody calmed down. > > "Okay, okay, so Iíve got a Magnemite spinning around my head. What should I > do? Capture it?" Jon replied to Damianís inquiry "I donít think so. I > wouldnít want a pokemon attacking something that close to my face unless I > had to. Iíd just make sure not to lean in too close to anything in any of > these stores. Other than that, just wait until we get back to the Pokemon > Center and see what Nurse Joy has to say. She might know what to do about > it." > > "Okay, how about that electronics store?" Jon agreed with Damian that it was > the first good place that they had seen since the Game Corner and went inside. > There was a mishap with the electronic sensor on the sliding doors, but > otherwise there was no problem getting inside. > Still feeling slightly irritated about the Game Corner, Sarah Jane wandered through the market district in search of TMs and other supplies. Both Cuddles and Spunky seem to sense Sarah Jane's irritation, and both become a bit more unruly. Spunky took a nip at his sister's tail. The female Nidoran retaliated with her claws. This turned into a chase. Lost in thought, Sarah Jane suddenly felt the two leashes slip out of her hand. "Cuddles! Spunky! Come back here!" she shouted as she ran after them. <To be continued, merged with "Encounter in Celadon">