From: MTSowbug <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Clan Caterpie] Spectrum Way Date: Sunday, May 02, 1999 7:41 AM IcyPikachu wrote in message <7gg7si$cl$>... > > > "Well, I programmed Cyber here to be able to transform into vehicles >like cars, planes, or ships. Uhhh... My Caterpies are just adorable. >Hyper..., let's just say he can pack a fearsome punch. I should know..." >Hyper giggled to itself. Icy continued, "I'm not sure what Vapor can do >yet, I just caught him. Buttercup is very talanted with psychic attacks and >its small size helps her in battle. Hocus is very intellegent, that's why >he has almost learned all the attacks a Kadabra would have learned by now. >He is one of my closest friends. He was also my first pokemon. The others >are just regular pokemon, they don't really have any notable talants, for >say..." Icy decided to stop there thinking he was getting very boastful and >would rather be modest. He figured now was a good time to find out the true >reason for Phoo seeking him out. "Phoo, why have you been following us for >all this time?" Icy waited for Phoo's response. > >===>> Phoo's Turn <<=== > Phoo was surprised, and not quite ready to answer this question, so he obviously bumbled at it. Stuttering as he talked, Phoo said, "Hmm... hmm... well... my reasons, you ask? That... that... is something... hmm..." Phoo looked around to make sure no one was looking at them, then continued. "Well... I have my reasons. May it just be said that you are very special, Icy, and we need you. Yes... we need you to help us. And... being sent by them... I am here to help you help us." Phoo looked around, very nervously, making sure no one was watching. Lickitung started rambling off some sort of song, out of boredom. Phoo relaxed a little, and continued to speak. "Hmm... well... you are Icy, the former human. You have knowledge of both sides of intelligence down here... yes, you are the one who can help us. I need to... hmm... as I said before, help you help us. Maybe at another time... if it is so meant to be... you will learn more..." Completely devoid of any knowledge of what Phoo and Icy were talking about, Lickitung started to play with Icy's Caterpie. Aurelia watched lovingly, and Porygon was fervishly recording the conversation in his memory. Farfetch'd sat there, blankly. -Icy's turn- OOC - this may be the longest thread since "The long hard road through Mt. Moon." "They taste salty" - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy! A wok is a Chinese cooking device oftentimes used to make stirfries.