From: MTSowbug <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Clan Caterpie] Spectrum Way Date: Sunday, May 02, 1999 9:52 AM IcyPikachu wrote in message <7ghu3v$nla$>... > > "Who are these affiliates of yours? Are they friendly? And why do you >want me?" Icy was becoming somewhat cautious, and it showed. > Meanwhile, Buttercup went over to play with Lickitung and the Caterpies. >Leafy also joined them. She wandered around and started walking towards a >nearby lake to catch a drink. Verde and Moni joined her. The other 8 >Caterpie continued their game with Lickitung. Hyper and Cyber began playing >with Phoo's Porygon. > Back in the Pokecenter, InsaneLlama and Tauras sat down to a fairly >sized lunch. Icy's other pokemon stayed with them as they ate. > Phoo sighed, and took a deep breath, for all the verbal communication was tiresome for him. As Phoo streched his vocal cords, he looked over to his Porygon. The so-called "Hyper" and "Cyber" were attempting to play with him. Phoo's Porygon was trying to store away as much information as it could on the new topic "Fun." Aurelia bounded over towards all the Caterpie, as she could no longer not take part in jolliness. Farfetch'd was acting fairly strangely, and started digging a small pit in a nearby pile of dirt. Phoo had regained his breath, and continued to speak. "Hmm... words, words. Words can communicate so little. You ask if my... 'affiliates' are friendly? I believe... in the terms of the word 'friendly'... it would depend. Generally... hmm... towards you? Yes... of course they would act... positively towards you. Good natured may be more of the word we are looking for." Phoo continued, "And you ask... why do I want you? The same reason I am wanted... for the prospect of peace on our horizon. Maybe you will understand later... words are so cumbersome..." Completely unknowing of the conversation between Phoo and Icy, Leafy looked up from her drink and noticed a very rambunctious Lickitung bounding towards her. In a magnificent leap, Lickitung jumped over Leafy and landed in the lake, then dived under the water. Leafy looked out over the edge to see where Lickitung went, only to be splashed by him as he cannonballed through the water. Meanwhile Porygon was trying to absorb as much sensory input as possible. Some Celadon citizens were starting to turn their heads and watch. Icy's turn (is this a meaningful conversation or a fun run?) "They taste salty" - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy! A wok is a Chinese cooking device oftentimes used to make stirfries.