From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] The Champ of Cerulean Gym is Psyduck? Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 9:02 PM Derrick and Kathy split up once again. He once again, tried to enter the Cerulean Gym for a rematch. But, once again Misty was busy. So, under a lot of anger, Derrick waited and waited. <<A Few Hours Later>> Derrick awoke with Misty tapping his shoulder. "Excuse me," she said, "the gym is closed now, go home." She took the keys from her small red backpack and placed them in the key hole. "Huh?" Derrick asked. "Everyone's gone?" "Yes." "In that case, I want to battle you for the Cascade Badge." "Well, I'm sorry, but I don't accept challenges after curfue time." "Aww, come on!" "Go home." "Just one quick battle?" "Fine fine whatever." She turned on the gym lights and went into a storage room. She came back with four poke balls. We'll have a pokemon showdown!" Derrick shrugged. "Three pokemon each!" "Go first." "I choose, Seadra!" "Go, Weepinbell." "Smoke Screen!" Seadra spat out globs of ink which blinded Weepinbell. "Oh, no. Use Razor Leaf! fill the room!" Weepinbell started spinning around to wherever he didn't know. The leaves hit everything alright! Including Derrick and Misty. "Call him back! Call him back!" Misty cried. Derrick threw the poke ball at the blind plant. "Return Weepinbell!" "Seadra...." He to, was cut all over. "Sigh, you won that first part by pure luck! Luck!" "Well.." "Let's raise the steaks!" "Uhhh, isn't it already past dinner?" "NOO!" "I do not use one pokemon while you can use three more." "Isn't that...?" "Hush! When I win, you must never enter the gym again. If you win, then you get the Cascade Badge. Ok?" "uhhh" "Good, I knew you'd see it my way!" "Hmmm.." Derrick knew Misty was up to something. "Go, Oddish." "Hehe. I choose STARMIE!!!" Suddenly, the other poke ball glowed and the pokemon inside came out. "Psyduck!" "NOT YOU PSYDUCK!!" she screeched as she pounded his head. "Psyiiiieeeeiiiiieeeee!" "Return! Psyd..." "If you return it, you have to count on your last pokemon." "Damn! Ok." "Oddish, Absorb." "Oddish!" the cute little raddish pokemon nodded and strided over to Psyduck. "Uhh, Tail Whip attack?" Misty commanded unsteady. "Psyduck!" He nodded and touched Oddish with his tail. "ODDISH!" It got knocked out like a Paras vs. Charmeleon. "Well," Misty said surprised. "Your Oddish is more pathetic than my Psyduck. It may look cute, but that's all it can do." "Oddish, return!" Derrick was upset to get such a loser, but he wouldn't cry over spilled milk. "Go! Exeggcute!" "Exeggcute!" They turned to Psyduck and hypnotized it successfully, putting it to sleep. Then, they started Barraging at Psyduck in the head. Because of Exeggcute's rock bottom attack, this went on forever. Suddenly, Psyduck woke up, and with a gigantic migrane too. "PSYDUUUCK!" It used Psychic attack, something it didn't even know! Well, both the Exeggcute and Psyduck couldn't take it any more. And they fainted. "What!? Another loss to a Psyduck?" "Heh heh heh. You are a loser." "Well, it looks like we're down to our last pokemon." They stared at each other waiting to see who would make the first move. "I choose Tentacruel, you've lost to him before and I can guarantee you will lose again!" "We'll see, I choose Magneton." "Freeze em good!" "Use Thunder Wave, quick!" Magneton paralyzed Tentacruel before he could use Blizzard. "Great! Now use Thunder!" "MAGNETON!" It quickly became more magnetized than ever, then shot out huge bolts of lighting. Tentacruel fainted immediately. "Here's the Cascade Badge, now leave, it's an hour past curfue time." "YES!" "And...the pokemon of the battle was...Psyduck? That pathetic loser? He took out two pokemon? He's the new champ of Cerulean Gym? While Misty was pondering the strange events, Derrick left the gym in search of the pokemon center. It was pitch black now, with few lights on. He was walking and he ran into someone around his height. "Watch it!" he/she whispered. "Derrick shined his flash light on the person's face and to his surprise it was.................... To Be Continued (Comments?) Pokemon of the Day: Psyduck Question of the Day: Guess who it is! ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door, And I intend to find it...."