From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] The Elusive Scyther part II Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 8:00 PM Chaoticllama looked at the ground at the mottled mess of tracks. When he looked up he spottet a flash of green. He followed the blur with his eyes. "It's in full retreat now, we'll never catch it." Chaoticllama picked up a rock and dejectedly chunked it into the air. All of a sudden the scyther stopped in its tracks. Chaoticllama grabbed some ground, and pulled andrew down with him. Then in the distance he heard a voice singing "I'll be comin round the mountain when I come." The scyther started to run, just as Chaoticllama realised whose voice it was. He threw a safari ball just in time. It hit the scyther on the head. It went in, then the source of the voice accidentally stepped on it, keeping the scyther from escaping. Andrew burst into laughter. Chaoticllama walked over to Draco, and said "Can you step a few feet to the left?" Draco instead stepped to the right in defiance. Chaoticllama picked up the pokeball. "I never thought I'd say this to you pal, but THANKS" said Chaoticllama. "Huh? Thanks for what? I did the opposite of what you asked." said Draco confusedly. "Well, what's important is u stepped on the safari ball at just the right time to trap the scyther inside. Andrew came up to them laughing extremely hard, and gasping for air. Rapidash was with him. When Chaoticllama grabbed his lead rope, he started pulling north on it. "What is it boy, somethin that way you want?" he asked. "RAPI!" The group went north when chaoticllama saw that whatever rapidash wanted was outside the border of the Safari Zone, he turned to Andrew and said "Well, I'd better see what this is, I'll give ya a call on yer cell phone when I find out where we wind up. It seems important, the way rapidash is tuggin on his lead and everything." He extended his hand to andrew,"It's been fun, and we'll meet again soon I hope." Andrew shook his hand, and the partners went seperate ways.... for now. Chaoticllama rode north and into darkness. TBC Well, we're apart for now Andrew, but don't worry, expect a cell call.