From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The end of Car'tos????? (Was: BABYCAKES) Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 10:57 PM >"Here." Oak tossed a flat device to Simon. "He's talking about this." > >Simon examined the arcane piece of technology, trying to discern its >secrets by sight alone...and found it utterly pedestrian. "A pokedex?" > >The only obvious Ditto chuckled. "All Pokedex see through illusion. >Can detect Ghastly when invisible. Can detect ghost of dead Pokemon - >maybe not identify too well without upgrade, but can still *detect*. >Can detect Ditto when transform. Is only thing even Mimic never learn >how to hide from." > >Professor Oak took his pokedex back. "If it wasn't for this, I would >have lost track of Mimic at least ten times. It can't tell one Ditto >from another, of course, but that's not often a problem." > >Seth and Aerie, not wanting to be identified just yet, stood close >enough to Mimic to make any who scanned them think they were picking up >on Mimic's readings. Nori began to stir, nearly causing Simon to drop her. "Wha's going on..?" she mumbled. "Quiet." Simon hissed, starting towards Mimic. "Here, take her for me." Simon handed Nori off to Rubix, who pomptly threw her to the ground. The girl sat up, and Meowth poked its head out of her backpack, where it had been hiding. "Meeoww..." it yawned. Slasher caught sight of Nori's Meowth, and let out a low growl. Meowth returned the favor. Simon looked from Oak to Mimic, and shook his head in disbelief. "So, all this time... all that *work*, when a Pokedex could do the same thing?" Mimic grinned. "Maybe trainer not see forest because of trees. Pokedex made to identify Pokemon." He took the instrument from Professor Oak's hand; and flashed it at himself, and each of the Pokemon, in turn. "Identify Mimic, identify Sandslash, identify rude turtle creature. Identify Slasher, and..." The Ditto paused, hesitantly. "That not what Mimic expect, from little cat." The Meowth hissed, and jumped back into Nori's backpack, out of the scanner's sights. TBC... (Not much of a story, just wanted everyone to know, that my char's still alive... >_<;) -Beth "Ii kanji!"