From: SimynLocke <simynlocke@aol.comJOEMAMA> Subject: Re: [PW] Titan and Nori. Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 12:17 PM "What the hell just happened?" Simon yelled to the guys, he had expected an attack from Car'tos but instead he thrashed Titan. He glanced back at the freak of nature only to suffer a hard blow to the head. "Oooof!" Simon let out, as Aqua flew from his arms. He landed on the steps to Old Man Andrews motionless for awhile. "Simon!" Yelled Raven running up to him, "Are you ok?" "Yea, just had the wind knocked outta me." Off some odd yards away, the familiar laugh of a disturbed man echoed. "Fwahahahahahaha!" "Where's Titan?" Raven asked, "Simon, there's a note on your head." Struggling to get back on his feet along with Aqua, the silhouette of a winged beast carrying two bodies appeared in the moonlight. "You won't get that far….." An out of breath Simon muttered. "Men, ready your guns!" The guys were silent and just looked at each other, "What? Don't tell me you didn't bring your guns!" "We brought'em…" Raven scratched his head. "But we pawned them back at the bar…" "D'oh!" Simon winced, "Aqua? You got one more surf in ya?" "Vap! Vap……." Barked the Vaporeon. "Good, cuz Aqua, Simon says Surf!" The Vaporeon anchored itself into the ground, jetting out its high-pressure water and releasing it true to the target" The three bodies came crashing down back to the Earth, "Yes! It's high time you learned what ATR does with Rockets!" "Umm…. What do ya'll do to Rockets?" James asked. "You know….. I haven't the slightest clue…" Replied Simon. Simon picked up his badly injured Vaporeon and took off towards the Rockets. Car'tos's clearly intoxicated female drinking companion (who had some tyte looking hair) muttered, "Car'tos, does that mean you're a….." "That's right. He works for Team Rocket." Simon yelled approaching from the pub. "An Aerialbot?" The girl finished. The ATRs tripped face first onto the ground at the answer. "Oh my gawd….." Simon murmured. By the time he got up, the freak of nature had left. "Dammit….. They have Titan." "And the bad of that would be???" Raven laughed. "He was the best of the best, despite his off the clock tendencies." "You know, you still got a note stuck on your bag." "Oh…." SIMON: TEAM ROCKET HAS TITAN. IF YOU VALUE HIS LIFE, YOU WILL RETURN TO THE PALLET TOWN ASH KETCHUM MEMORIAL WITH MY LEG. SIGNED: CAR'TOS. "Dammit…. There gonna kill him unless I give him his leg back." Simon thought for a moment, James's Ponyta provided a somber thinking environment, giving the fields infront of Old Man Andrews a nice red shade. "Hey James…. I know you've been through a lot, but I need a favor of you. For the time being, will you help me?" "Sure…. Help you how?" "Join ATR." James nodded. "Good! Ok, I want ya'll to go to Pallet and meet me outside of the Ash Ketchum Memorial. Don't do anything, till I get there." "Where are you going?" Raven asked. "I gotta go and get Car'tos's leg, and Aqua is badly hurt." "Ok…. We'll meet you at Pallet." Raven glanced down at the collapsed pokemon, "Simon, you'd better hurry, Aqua just fainted." TBC (I know that was boring and redundant as hell, but look for my next post which I'm writing right now.) ____ Simon Locke in the PW! ------> [^_^] Everybody go visit Roberto-Perez Vila's Pokewars Writer's Guide And Fan Art Website! Make sure you check out the Fan-Art! Oh yea, and....... HUZZAH!