From: Agent 0007 <> Subject: [PW!] To Fuscia! Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 2:05 PM After they visited the Pokemon Center, Andrew and Chaoticllama rode back to the enterance of Vermillion, hauling their equipment. "There she is," Andrew smiled, "my car." "Alrrright!" Frisky said, jumping to it. "Nice car." Chaoticllama remarked. "Just stash some of your stuff in the trunk." As soon as they were finished packing, they drove off. After driving for some time, they finally reached Fuscia. Andrew parked his car in his driveway. "Home home home!" Frisky slipped through fence and into the backyard. "I'll show you my house later, but let's go to my neighbor, Koji." They wlaked across the yard and knocked on the screen door of Koji's house. "Who is it?" a voice called. "Andrew." Andrew replied. "Door's open, come in." Andrew and Chaoticllama walked in. "Hey Andrew! How's it going?" Koji asked. "Fine, you?" "OK. Say, you got a new friend I see." Koji said. "Oh, this is Chaoticllama, and this is Koji." The two shook hands. "Nice to meet you, go ahead and sit down you guys." After they were seated Andrew had an idea. "Hey, how about you join Team Pokémon? It's our Pokemon crime-fighting team." Andrew asked. "Hmm.. I not that good with action." Koji said negatively. "Well, you are very good with computers and a good hacker. How about you just advise us, like getting maps on Team Rocket stations or locating things over the internet." Andrew persuaded. "Umm.. ok!!" Koji replied excitedly. "Well, I'm gonna show Chaoticllama my house and we'll meet you later." "OK, buh-bye!" Koji waved. "Later" Chaoticllama replied. After Andrew finished giving the tour of his house to Chaticllama, they got something to drink. "Hmm.. what do you want to do?" Chaotic sipped his drink. "Well, it seems that Grandpa Cnayon looks fun, hey, maybe we might even find some rare fossils." Andrew already seemed like he was about to fly there. "It sounds interesting. Want to?" Chaotic agreed. "OK!" Andrew went to tell Frisky the news. "Hm? What? We just got home though!!!" the Persian complained. "Well fine, you don't have to go, you don't have to have treats or make friends.." Andrew said. "Ah fine!" Frisky said relunctantly, but deep inside she probably wanted to go... --- TBC