From: The Carroll's <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Traveling to Vermelion Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 9:39 AM Otaku67 wrote: > > > > >As they arrived at the gym, Natasha closed the Pokédex and went > >inside... > > Tenchi let Natasha go first, and also lent her his Hitmochan. > > "Good luck Natasha." Booga finally caught up. He was limping on his left leg. "I hope she doesn't explode like I do," he said. For some reason he explodes whenever he does metronome. Tenchi backed away from Booga a little bit. "Well, she doesn't know any attacks like metronome," said Volt, Booga's Jolteon. "And she isn't a Pokémon, either," said Eevee. "I still remember when you metronomed a Hydro Pump!" luaghed Flamie, Booga's Flareon. Booga's vaporeon sat down next to Volt. "And I remember when you fell into the Comlex toilet!" Alhambra giggled. "Hey! Leave me alone!" Booga said. Then Booga walked into the GYM to watch the battle. -- Booga