From: Hedgehogey <hedgehogey@aol.comidiocy> Subject: Re: [PW!] Traveling to Vermelion Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 2:33 PM >Sammy walked into the vermilion diner. He was hungry after traveling for >several days on the road to vermilion. Tanky rolled in behind him. She >displayed a message in the air: "I could have gotten you there faster by >converting to flying type." "Very funny tanky. Now what do you want to eat?" >But before he could order he almost literally bumped into tenchi and natasha. >"Hey tenchi, long time no see! Where are you going to next?" Tenchi greeted his friend. "Well, me and Natasha are headin over to Saffron City for a marshbadge. Care to join us? >>>> "Sure will. Let's go..... So how do you plan to beat sabrina?" Devin "Hedgehog" "Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens."-Montaigne Tv is more alluring than thinking remove idiocy to e-mail me