From: The Carroll's <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Traveling to Vermelion Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 1:30 AM Hedgehogey wrote: > > >Sammy walked into the vermilion diner. He was hungry after traveling for > >several days on the road to vermilion. Tanky rolled in behind him. She > >displayed a message in the air: "I could have gotten you there faster by > >converting to flying type." "Very funny tanky. Now what do you want to eat?" > >But before he could order he almost literally bumped into tenchi and natasha. > >"Hey tenchi, long time no see! Where are you going to next?" > > Tenchi greeted his friend. "Well, me and Natasha are headin over to Saffron > City for a marshbadge. Care to join us? >>>> > > "Sure will. Let's go..... So how do you plan to beat sabrina?" > Devin "Hedgehog" > [OOC: *slaps Pacbell with a wet Magikarp* Stop deleting all the messages! Arrrggh!] Booga walked over to the group. "Hey! I just beat Lt. Surge!" He showed them his badges, and they all fell out. "I hate it when that happenes." He mumbled. He also accidently dropped his PokÚdex. "Kabakuek! Akka bakka diddi! Laephon tweeeee!" It said. "Time for ANOTHER upgrade," he sighed. "We're going to head over to Saffron city. Want to join us?" Tenchi asked. "What the... a blue talking Clefairy!?" said Sammy, "Oookay..." TBC -- Booga