From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Traveling to Vermelion Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 6:34 PM > >"Ghaa!" Natasha smacked it, but it just hissed and scratched her. >"Arg...Weedle, go! String Shot and Poison Sting!" > >The instant Weedle appeared, it fired a stream of goo at Meowth. Despite >the hindering, it Scratched Weedle fairly badly. Weedle squealed in pain >and rammed Meowth with his stinger. Meowth yelped and ran into the >bushes. > >Natasha sighed and put the empty Pokéball back in her backpack. Before >continuing, she returned Weedle to his Pokéball. Tenchi grimiced. Seeing that Meowth reineded him of his old one, Kitty-chan. Last time he saw KC was back at the pokemon auction, when he had sold her. Standing up, Tenchi took out a pokeball, and aimed it at the bushes. He tossed it at a figure in the bushes, but it was swated back into Tenchis face. "Well, that was pointless" He thought to himself. The pair finnaly got up and started walking after another hour. Cubone and Kappa were outside there pokeballs, and walking ahead, telling jokes about a squirtle, a charmander and a bulbasaur in a bar. After another hour, they finnaly made it to Saffron city for a rest. Handing over there pokemon to the Nurse, Natasha sat down dog tired. Tenchi decided to take a visit to the Saffron fighting gym. He picked up his pokemon, and walked over there. When he walked into the gym, he noticed not much had changed. Sitting at the front of the gym was the leader, whom Tenchi had trained under. Tenchi took a seat next to him without a word. "Welcome back Tenchi Inverse. I trust your journey has been fruitful?" The master said without opening his eyes. "Yes. I have won 4 of the qualifing badges to enter the pokemon leauge. I am on my way to Vemelion to earn a thunderbadge." "Yes, and there you shall face your rival, correct?" Tenchi sighed. He should have known there was nothing he could do to hide it from the old master. "Yes, i am going to fight my Rival. Alothough he lost to me the last time, i feel i can beat him." "I can sense your uncertainty. So i shall help you Tenchi Inverse. Please choose any of my fighting pokemon. They will aid you on your journey." Tenchi stood and chose a Hitmochan. He left his Nidoking as a token of gratitude. Tenchi bowed, and turned to walk out. "One more thing Tenchi Inverse. Remeber this. The dark side is strong, but you must not sucumb to the dark side. The path of a Rocket will lead you to your destruction." Tenchi walked outside and back to the pokemon center. He released his hitomchan, who looked up and saw a stranger. Its first thought was to punch, but Tenchi blocked the punch with a move only Hitmochans trainer could have known. Hitmochan bowed in respect to its new trainer. "Hitmochan, i name you Moldiver." "Chan. Hitmochan!" Tenchi recalled him to his pokeball, and awoke Natasha. "Come on, we've got to get to Vermelion before dark." TBC [woo that was long!] -otaku67 "dejavu strikes when you least expect it. and it packs one helluva punch" Denounce Goddish! Praise Charizatan!