From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!][CANYON] Welcome to Grandpa Canyon and TR Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 7:04 PM "Return Cloyster!" Aurora ran the opposite direction as fast as she could until the water was nowhere to be seen. "We must still be under water," she said to herself. "An under water cave is what I've always wanted to see!" Aurora took another step and cut her leg on something. "Ow!" She picked up the object and examined it. "It looks like an old shell....." She tried to think of what it might belong to. After a while she realized what it was. "Omigosh!" she dropped the shell and picked it back up again. "This is a Helix Fossil!" She shivered. "I've always wanted an Omanyte." Something came over her. "Does that mean I'm directly under Grandpa Canyon?" she asked herself. She remembered what had happened to Ash Ketchum under the canyon. "I've gotta get outa here.." She looked up to find the rocks covering the floor, or ceiling depending on your point of view, that the Aerodactyl flew out of many years ago. For hours, Aurora was still looking for a way out, and not finding any angry prehistoric pokemon. "Maybe he was lying about that stuff for more publicity," she said to herself. Her feet felt wet again. She looked down and saw the water was rising again. She started climbing, figuring it was the only way. On her way up, she heard something skuttle by, like a Kabuto. Must be my imagination. But, as she was climbing higher and higher, she felt weaker and weaker. On her way she came upon many Dome fossils. "Wow!" she thought to herself. "These fossils will get me a bundel of money!" She felt something tickling her back and she reached to scratch herself. Instead of a her back however, she felt a................... "KABUTO!!!" It was absorbing her energy out of her. "Get off!" Intead of grabbing on to it, she knocked it off with her fist. It plummeted down to the drowning pokemon below, both young and ancient. Aurora started to dig er way out off the cave. In not too long, she had escaped from below. She looked down to the cave and turned around. Team Rocket was standing in front of her. "It looks like you've got something to hide," they said. "Wow! It's Team Rocket!" she had huge stars bulging out of her eyes. "Autograph please!" "Hahahahahaha! She thinks we're stars!" "Can I join?" she asked. "Hmmm," One guy snatched her back pack and shook out the supplies. "Ohhh, look at all the Dome Fossils! You can join as long as you fork 'em over." "But Butch..." "Shaddup," he turned back to Aurora. "You can join." They tossed out a TR suit and Aurora immediately put it on. "We were looking for new recruits anyway." "uhh.. Welcome to Team Rocket," the girl said. "Thanks!" Aurora made an evil grin as she looked at herself in the Team Rocket suit her the mirror. To Be Continued Pokemon of Story: Kabuto ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door, And I intend to find it...."