From: The Neo-Stunticons <> Subject: [PW!] Where are they now? Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 3:49 PM Magnus stepped through the marble walls of Lorelei's chamber. He saw the mistress tending to a Seel. He calls out to her, "Lorelei, I challenge YOU!" she looked up and smirked. She stepped up and said, "Magnus, I thought you went into hiding after the....unpleasentness." Magnus glared from under the helmet. He picked up his PokeBall and yelled, "I want to fight you, you nerdy dweeb!" She suddenly glared, "Let's get it on!" Lorelei sent out Dewgong and said, "Are you gonna fight? you ARE on T.V.!" Magnus glanced at the camera, and proceeded to flip off many Poke-fans around the world. He sent out Sauron, the monstrous creature roared, "DRAAAA!!" and launched a powerful blast of electricity at Dewgong, who went down HARD. Cloyster and Slowbro went down without a hitch. But when Jynx cam out, lightning was no longer needed. Magnus looked behind him towards the Charizard and Seadra behind him. He barks, "Hack, Slash!" the two creatures perked up and ran over, yammering over each other. Magnus then yelled, "Hack! Flamethrower NOW!" Hack just stared. Slash come behind and yells, "SEADRAAAAAAA" (FIIIIIIRRRRREE!!) startled, Hack blows a plume of fire at Jynx. Then comes Lapras, who looks down at the dragons. First, comes a blast of water, totally blasting Hack, and Ice beam takes out Slash. Magnus is at a stop..... TBC! -- *****Neo J. Menasor the 1st***** Defender of Transfandom Watcher of Sentai -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own