From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: [PW!] Whooga, My Head... Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 9:51 PM [last time: Natasha passed out in the hospital, due to blood loss from the wound Scyther gave her. Just before then, she realized that Scyther could read her mind.] A wave of pain swept over Natasha as she woke up, bringing her back to reality a bit more harshly than expected. The sterile, alien surroundings of the Fuschia hospital was the first thing she noticed. As she groggily looked her little room over, she noticed a tube taped on her hand. Another glance made it clear that it was taped *into* her hand. The strangely opaque tube led up to the IV pouch. Despite her weakened mental condition, the contents were quite a shock. Instead of a clear fluid like she'd seen after a friend's surgery, it Sickened, she looked the other way. Her backpack was on a chair, and she could see her Pokéballs...the gold one made it a little easier to count them. Knowing her Pokémon were so close was a bit of a comfort. Natasha tilted her head slightly and spotted Scyther. Instead of the fear one would expect after being attacked by one's Pokémon, she felt relieved that a nurse hadn't somehow found out, and taken Scyther away. She started to fall asleep, but a voice startled her. /~Scyther sorry...Scyther no mean hurt master...~\ "What?! Who's there?" Scyther flew closer. /~Scyther no want hurt master, Scyther afraid...~\ "This isn't funny...where are you?" /~Scyther here!~\ The insect gestured towards himself to emphasize 'here'. For some reason, this suddenly seem completely acceptable to Natasha. "It's all right, Scyther...I'll be better soon..." /~Master not angry?~\ "No...." Scyther settled down next to Natasha as she dozed back off. [OOC: And if that conversation seemed strange...remember, Natasha's drugged.] --Natasha V.