From: babymew11 <> Subject: [PW!] A beginning for Jessica McMahon and Erica Valentino Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 8:44 AM “Jessica, are you sure we should be doing this?” Erica asked Jessica, who was cramming even more things into her back pack. “Yes,” she snapped. “Come on let’s leave on this journey before I change my mind.” Jessica zipped up the backpack, and walked over to the door. Erica picked up her backpack and followed. They had both said their goodbyes to family and friends, because they might not be back for a long time. They didn’t know how long, because no one in their family has ever been related to Pokemon in a job. Outside, the moist, flowery scent of Pallet Town this morning was thick and heavy. Fog surrounded most of the town. “Well Jessie, where do we start from here?”Erica said. “How about going to Professor Oak? Maybe he can help us a little. I said to him that I was going on a Pokemon journey with you and that he could get us some things to get us started.” Jessica suggested. “Sure,” Erica agreed. “His lab should be right over there.” Erica pointed to a greyish building about 35 yards away. “Okay well, let’s get going,” Jessica said, somewhat annoyed. They walked in together. “Hello? Is anyone here,” Erica called in the almost empty building. “Yes someone is,” Professor Oak called. “Hi Professor, it’s Jessica McMahon. I stopped by your lab a few days ago,” she said nicely. “Oh yes, Jessica and Erica, come right in!” The Professor said. “So do you have anything for us?” Erica asked reluctantly. “Oh yes I do,” Professor Oak said while walking to a table. “You might need these,” He said while handing Pokedex’s to both the girls. “It’s a Pokedex. It has info on all the Pokemon known to man. This way you can keep an encyclopedia on all the Pokemon you see.” “Cool,” Erica and Jessica said in unison. “What about Pokemon? Didn’t you say you had some left over?” Jessica asked. “Ah yes,” the Professor said. He led Jessica and Erica to a table containing four Pokeballs. “Pick a Pokeball and see which Pokemon you get.” Erica picked the second one, and Jessica picked the fourth Pokeball. They both threw them. “Squirtle, squirt!” The Pokemon that came out of Erica’s Pokeball chanted. She took out her Pokedex. It started giving info on a Squirtle. “Hey I got a Squirtle!” Erica said happily. Jessica got a Pikachu. She took out her Pokedex and it too gave info on a Pikachu. “PIKAAAAAA,” It yelled. Then it gave Jessie a shock. “Wow, but this thing is fierce.” “Now you want to return your Pokemon,” Professor Oak instructed them. They then both called back their new Pokemon. “Okay I think that’s all we need. Thanks for your time!” Erica thanked him. “Thanks,” Jessica said. “Oh and if you need anything, just give me a buzz,” Prof. Oak said to them. Jessie and Erica stepped out the door. They were ready to start their journey. TO BE CONTINUED . . . -babymew11 aka Clare “oxymoron” Conway “Not like some girls who treat you bad and look even worse.” - Ash Ketchum, “The School of Hard Knocks” “Shouldn’t Brock and Misty be doing it by now?” -Deanna B., one of my friends. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ My friend has a serious disease called ILJFTR. It stands for I love James from Team Rocket. It can cause serious AIM disruption. Like this: babymew11: why do u like him so much? Rachs4: HE IS SO STUPID AND CUTE, STUPID AND CUTE, STUPID AND CUTE, STUPID AND CUTE, STUPID AND CUTE... It can also cause you to change your screen name to IKISSJAMES.