From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] A Breakfast Time Chat With... Mewtwo? Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 8:53 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > Doppler's Pokeball begins to shake on the table, "Minax, what is going > on?" > > Dreadite's eyes glow slightly. "This is the one." His hand grasps > Doppler's Pokeball, "I need the impostor." Inside the pokeball... #Energy source 'Dreadite' in contact Posession of container transferred Status of current task: FUBAR Details: $&*!$&@($&@!!! Just when I had an opening...# > "Do with the Pokemon what you must, sir!" Minax's salute continues, and > her heavy breathing is quite apparent since she is standing up so > straight. Her chest expands and contracts repeatedly, and she almost > breaks a sweat. Doppler notices the tone of her voice. Although he can not see through the salt, he can tap into Mewtwo's mental link with Dreadite, at least for the few seconds it takes Mewtwo to notice and object... > Dreadite shrinks the Pokeball and a quiet shriek is heard from within. > He stashes it away and stands up from the booth. "My job here is done." > As he walks past Minax, one of his wings brushes her bare arm, and she > shivers slightly. Once Dreadite and Doppler are gone, she slumps over, > breathes out a relaxed sigh, and falls back onto her seat. With all interesting content (Minax) gone, Doppler stops the tap. #So, Minax respects Dreadite...or is it something more? Perhaps I should visit her in his form...# [1] #Is it that instinctive, for Dittos to show utter disregard for the identities of others?# #Feh. I am not a creature of instinct, Mewtwo, and we both know it. But it is interesting, to see the teacher and the student swap roles.# #Your dreams are imaginative, but they are still just dreams, Doppler. I have nothing to learn from you. And when were you ever *my* student?# #I learned a great deal from you, even though you might not have consciously taught me. The first time I copied you, I knew pain. I felt your lonliness. I saw the injustice of the world. The difference between you and I is that I am actually effective in making the world a better place. You strike out at everyone - and, in doing so, accomplish nothing. But now you have learned, as I have been practicing, that other people can make useful tools. This is an expensive way of getting Dreadite's cooperation...but I'll admit, it does work.# #Sophistry and nonsense. You imagine deeds and causes to justify your ego. Your pride has made you soft, Doppler. And it is your pride, your utter ARROGANCE, that I will have no more of.# #A pity. We could do so much together. Even Giovanni's strongest guards - of all types - could not hope to stand against our combined strength. to speak...for the Elite Four.# #Die.# #You first.# #...# #You know, you *might* have wanted to target *me*, not the source of my voice. I'll bet Dreadite's feeling really uncomfortable, what with us speaking through his brain and you attacking it. In fact, you might even dislodge your control if you keep it up...# TBC? [1] Mimic and Doppler are more alike than they'd like to admit, no? ^_-