From: Tauras <> Subject: [PW!]A friend for Scy Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 2:02 PM Shock looked around at the city. Nothing was really happening. "You know…maybe we should go to Pallet Town" said Shock. "Why?" replied Scy. "Well…There's nothing going on here, and we could take a boat to Cinnabar Island" replied Shock. "Ok" replied Scy. They were in the outskirts of Viridian City. "Pallet Town is that way" said Scy. He pointed his Scythe south. "ok" replied Shock. They walked past a few more houses, until there were no houses, just forests and fields. "You know, this is worse than Viridian City" said Shock. "Yeah. I haven't even seen any Pidgeys" replied Scy. "Rattata!" yelled a high pitched voice. "Did you hear something?" asked Scy. "No, why" replied Shock. "Oh nothing" said Scy. "RATATAAAAA" "did you hear something?" asked Scy. "Yeah, that time I did" replied Shock. A small head popped out of the bushes ahead of them. "That's a Rattata…" said Scy. Suddenly, the head moved, and about 9 Rattatas came running out of the bushes. A flame was following them. A Charmeleon came running out after them, but tripped on a rock. Its head smacked into the ground. "Go Pokeball!" yelled Scy. The Charmeleon batted it back. "Dang" shouted Scy. "Hey, isn't that Charmeleon bigger than most? He's almost as big as you!" exclaimed Scy. "You're right" replied Scy. The Charmeleon got up, and rubbed his head. Shock tossed him a Tylenol. "Thanks, I got a pretty bad headache" said the Charmeleon. "You can talk?" asked Scy. "Hey, you're a Pokemon and you can talk" said the Charmeleon. "Oh yeah. What's your name?" asked Scy. "Char" replied Char. "Oh. How would you like to tag along with us?" asked Scy. "Sure" replied Char. "We better get going" said Shock. "Yeah, we're heading to Pallet Town" said Scy. They continued the short walk to Pallet Town. -- Tauras24! E-mail: AIM: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.