From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] A meeting with Goddish Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 9:31 AM [OOC: Man, this story was hard on my spell check.] "Halteth! Where dost thou think thy goeth?" Zagro looked around, but couldn't find the speaker. "I be downeth hereth." Zagro looked down, and came face to face with an angry Oddish wearing a crown made of yellow construction paper. "I haveth a requesteth of thee. I wisheth thee to handeth over all of thy possessions." Zagro smirked. "So... I'm being mugged by an Oddish?" "Mock me not, o foul human. Knoweth you not My name? I am Goddish!!" "Oh, of course. You're Goddish." "Correcteth. Now handeth over thy stuff." Zagro shook his head and pulled out his Pokeball. "If you're Goddish, prove it. Caterpie, go!" "Foolish mortal, incureth not My wrath! Oof!" 'Goddish' bounced, reeling from the Tackle. "Thou hast condemned thyselves!" Zagro laughed. "Well then, see you in Charizatan's lair." He pulled out a Pokeball and lobbed it. 'Goddish' dissolved into a beam of red energy and was sucked inside. The ball shook, then bleeped. "Yes, I caught Goddish!" Zagro returned Caterpie and grinned. "What a nut." He turned, and resumed his trek to Cerulean.