From: CyanideX10 <> Subject: [PW!]- A New Beginning! Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 9:38 AM A New Beginning Max: " As I left my house in Celadon City and said my goodbyes to my family ( except for my big sleepy brother Theo) and I headed towards Professor Oak's lab, I had high hopes for becoming a Pokemon master. I took the earliest Pidgeot Airways to Pallet town. I trudged up the slope to his house and I wondered which type of pokemon he had in store for me. As I burst through the door, I saw three pokeballs on a strange type of table directly ahead of me. I rushed up to them but I was stopped by Prof. Oak. He gave me an excited look and said how proud I should be of myself, how I had come to try my luck at starting the long journey of becoming a pokemon master so early on in my life. He let me inspect the three pokeballs ahead of me and told me that they contained a Growlithe, a Bellsprout and a Horsea. As I was the yound boy to come to him with a dream in my heart for a long while, he invited me to take a pokemon to be my own. I was extremely honoured. I thought long and hard about the decision, but finally chose the Growlithe. As soon as I let him out of his pokeball, he jumped up on me and started to lick my face entusiastically. I quickly became very accustomed to him and gave him the nickname Searin. With my Growlithe, he also gave me five pokeballs and told me to use them to catch other pokemon. I walked out the door but Prof. Oak halted me and handed me a small computer. He explained to me that to be a pokemon master I nust fill the pokedex with all the knowledge in the world about pokemon that I could find. I thanked him greatly and ran out the door and down the slope with Searin close behind. I knew from my brother that the first city on the path to becoming a pokemon master is Viridian City. I set off with a high head and my Growlithe hopping beside me. As I walked, I noticed to my left the lake rushing by. Thoughts filled my head about the many different types of pokemon that the river concealed. Then something caught my eye. On the opposite bank to where I was standing, I spotted a pokemon. I held up my pokedex and it said, " Oddish. A grass typr pokemon which is seen in many areas. It rarely wants to fight and so has been called by many as a coward." This could be my big chance, I thought. I searched up and down the river and finally found a bridge. Suddenly I heard Searin barking and saw the Oddish scampering off. I called to Searin to try and tackle it. He hit it with a thump and the Oddish fell to the ground, dazed. I took out a pokeball and threw it. The pokemon zapped into the pokeball and it rocked to and fro. The tension mounted in my veins as to whether it would be mine. A couple of rocks later, it turned blank. I had caught my first pokemon!! I was overjoyed and Searin barked in triumph. After all the fuss, I came to a crossroads and saw a sign posting Route 2. I knew from my geographt studies that it was the way to Viridian City. My journey had begun! Joy: " What a truly amazing start to your adventure! What happened next? " TBC........ By Max aka CyanideX10 Look out for the Chansey on crack with the giant whisk - CHAAANNSEEEYYY!!