From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] Absolution Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 1:29 PM What's the point of this? I'm lost anyway Hey, maybe you ought to smile Do you want to dance? Tell me what you think Because I really don't know here Where's that smiling face I always knew Did life deal you a bad card? Bull don't take it out on me Did you think you were smart I don't think so my sweet Maybe your the one that's out of control +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Wind and Dev started walking to the nearest Pigeot Express. It was still a long ways off. Dev thought it was a bad idea. Pokemon Tech wasn't exactly a great experience for him. This little summer "reunion" was just a doomed idea. He didn't exactly leave on good terms with his family or especially his brother either. In fact he might have gone and shot a lot of the damn kids in that school if he had the chance. Just because he wasn't as great and privileged as his half-brother didn't mean that everyone would hassle him. Dev discarded his thoughts and looked over at Wind. He was more concerned about her condition to go to this so-called "relive" your memories week. She left when she was only eleven, just three years ago. He'd barely been gone for a few months. Since then he'd gotten stronger, tougher ... bolder, he wouldn't be pushed around there anymore. Scratching the goatee he was trying to grow he wondered how Wind managed to pull herself together suddenly. Just a few days ago she tried slashing her wrists. Now she was just fine and dandy. God, I hope she isn't on crack Dev thought, smiling at Wind. He looked down at Sandshrew, Wind's only friend when she was traveling the last few months without him. He could tell it was probably having the same thoughts. After walking a few more steps Wind sat down on a rock and motioned him to sit down beside her. "You know, I think about ready to talk about this, about everything." Wind said quietly. Dev nodded and held her hand, Sandshrew crept up beside her. "First of all, the reason I want to go to this little reunion is to show everybody that I'm ok, you know, I haven't gone nuts or anything." Wind said realizing how wrong her words were. "No, that's not right. I'm a total basketcase, but this is something I have to do. It's important to me to show everyone I wasn't washed down the drain. I know I have issues I have to deal with, but I know I can go threw it. I'm successful you know, I have two Gyarados, I have two badges and eight pokemon" Dev nodded thinking of himself, but he didn't have anything to show for his journeys unlike Wind. He was stronger physically and mentally. "What about..." Dev started. "You know what that girl Minax said to me? She said she wanted me to feel that pain she felt. That she'd been left alone, abused. That shows how smart she is. You know what I've been through?" Wind started, angry. "I don't know about her pain, but mine is sure as hell enough to live with. I'm glad I met her, otherwise I might have become her, now I know how foolish it is to try to bring pain on others for your own." That was it. The burning for revenge Wind had always felt started to dissolve. "I use to think, I have issues and everyone else was gonna pay. Not anymore. I'm not twelve anymore. I wouldn't look for the easy way out anymore. It's in me, and nobody else." Dev looked at her stunned. She had reached an absolution, one that he hoped to find someday. Wordlessly he pulled her arms around her. "Come on, those Pidgeots will leave without us." He whispered. "The world bites, live with it" Pen:brush:Keyboard:Paint. One day the mother weedle will have her revenge! =========-//> Wind Fireblade, Please send fanmail.<//-==========