From: Tauras <> Subject: [PW!][Tauras]Alone on and island Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 7:51 PM "Butter!" said the golden Butterfree. "I guess I should name you. How about Monarch?" asked Tauras. "Free" said Monarch in acceptance. "Lets go outside, and maybe you could battle?" said Tauras. He nodded. They walked outside, Vermilion was very active. "Come on out Cargo, Destroyer conversion!" said Tauras. Cargo stayed himself, but had tons of weapons sticking out of him. Most people stayed out of his way, seeing the deadly bucket of bolts. Soon enough, they found a trainer to fight. "Go Kadabra!" said the man. "Go Monarch. Blow it away with your Whirlwind attack!" said Tauras. The Kadabra was blasted into the ground. "Psybeam now!" said Trainer. "Dodge it, and counter with Swift!" said Tauras. Monarch easily dodged, and fired 15 burning stars at the Kadabra. "NOO" yelled the man, as it fainted. "Return. GO BLASTOISE!" said the man. "Go Cargo!" said Tauras. "Hit it with your Thunder Attack!" said Tauras. Huge blasts of electricity flew out of Cargo's cannons. "Bite it!" said Trainer. All that happened was that Blastoise broke his teeth. "Finish it with Pin Missile!" said Tauras. Pins flew out of Cargo's cannons like rockets out of a pod. It fainted. "Return. Good job, here's some money, and a TM" said Trainer as he left. "By the way, how do you know all of those projectile attacks?" asked Tauras. "I was created for destroying walls, and windows. The Special Forces programmers created a technology that allows me to do that" replied Cargo. Tauras turned around to see Jolt showing off his speed. He must not have been looking, because he smashed headfirst into a wall. Then Flow, and Flare came flying by, nearly as fast as Jolt, and smashed into the wall also. Then Tauros smashed into the wall, until all but Cargo, and Monarch were laying on the ground. "What happened to them?" asked Tauras. He looked over to where they were before. A few empty bottles of beer were laying on the ground. "Idiots" said Tauras. Eventually the Drunken Pokemon woke up. Unfortunately they weren't sober. Jolt let out a loud fart, and a pin shot out of his but. (<=poke-speech). <Whew boy> said Spirit. Jolt let out another loud fart, a blast of thunder shot out of his butt. <I didn't know you knew toxic!> said Flow. Flare let out a loud burp, and a mild flame shot out of his mouth. <Ah> said Flame. Tauras called back his drunken Pokemon. "I heard there is a Flying Gym near Pallet Town, I could fly us there" said Cargo. "Sure" said Tauras. He recalled Monarch, and jumped into the small jet. They took off, within an hour they were over the Water, South of Pallet Town. "A ship just fired a SAM at us, I'm trying to evade, but I don't think I can!" said Cargo. Suddenly, the plane shook, and began to drop altitude. "Eject, I'll survive!" said Cargo. "Ok" replied Tauras as he was shot out of Cargo. He parachuted down into the ocean. ***************3 Hours Later************** "Huh?" said Tauras. He opened his eyes. He was on a tropical Island, it didn't look like anybody was on the Island, except Pokemon. "Where am I?" said Tauras. He noticed his Pokedex in his pocket. "Dang, I left my Pokeballs inside of Cargo, I hope he made it" said Tauras. ----Tauras's Pokemon------(All Speech is translated) "Come out everybody!" said Cargo. He released all of Tauras' Pokemon. "What happened?" asked Jolt. "We were shot down, and we're on an Island somewhere between Pallet Town and Cinnabar Island" said Cargo. "Dang. Is Tauras anywhere on the Island?" asked Flare. "I hope so. We better find shelter, my Doppler Radar picked up a Hurricane heading this way. We should head inland" said Cargo. Everyone agreed, and they began to head into the jungle. They soon reached a cave. "Lets go inside, it could provide shelter" said Cargo. Flare led the way, illuminating the cave with his tail. There was a loud boom of Thunder, and it began to rain. -----Tauras-------- "Crap, its raining!" said Tauras. He ran into the jungle. He kept running, and running, and running. "There has to be shelter, somewhere!" yelled Tauras. He heard his voice echoing. He remembered something. He grabbed his cell-phone, and dialed the Special Forces number. "Hello?" answered a man. "This is Bull Runner 24. I'm stuck on an island between Cinnabar and Pallet. It appears not to have any humans" said Tauras. "Wow. Heavy, so how did you get there?" asked the man. "I was flying in my Porygon, and we were hit by a SAM, if you try to rescue me, take extreme caution" replied Tauras. "Ok. Be careful, the island I'm tracing this call to is owned by Team Rocket" said the man. The call was cut off. The battery light was flashing. "DANGET!" yelled Tauras. He grabbed his Machete, and began to hack through the jungle. -----Tauras' Pokemon------ "Char" said a voice. "What was that?" asked Cargo. "Come look at this" said Flare. Everyone looked. A Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander sat in a corner, they were crying. "What's wrong?" asked Flare. "Our trainer was killed by some people with guns! Our plane was shot down by a missile, and we were stuck here" said the Bulbasaur. "How ironic. We were shot down too, except our trainer is somewhere on the island" replied Flare. "You should stay here, a storm is brewing. We could use a little company, anyway" said the Squirtle. Cargo pulled out a small, inflatable tent. He blew it up, and they all went inside. Cargo closed the door, and anchored it to the ground. "Its cuh cuh cold" said Charmander. "I can fix that" said Cargo. He pulled a small box out of his cargo bay. He flicked a switch, and it began to blow out hot air. Spirit pulled out his guitar. He began to strum a little. After a while they were all singing songs. -----Wet, Cold Tauras------ Tauras was soaked, and cold. He made his way into a cave. He heard a low singing voice. There was a small tent. Tauras rushed into it, and found his Pokemon singing to the tune of Spirits guitar. "Tauras! You made it!" said Cargo. "Could you give them translators?" asked Tauras. Cargo nodded, and put a translator on each of them. "How did you guys get here?" asked Tauras. "We were shot down by a missile, and came to this cave. Our master was killed by people with guns, they called themselves Rockets" said the Bulbasaur. Tauras was silent. -- Tauras24! E-mail: AIM: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.