From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Another Electrifying Experience Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 4:10 PM >"Money's not a problem," Rilli protested as she put on her sandals. But >actually she wasn't all too reluctant to be going indoors--her legs were getting >chilly. Nonetheless, she was hoping to stay with Robert a while longer. Ah >well, how time flies when you're occupied... Though Robert's fishing experience was uneventful, his night with Mithril-rama was just beautiful. After returning their fishing rods, they went to a romantic restaurant on the docks, and finally tip-toed into bed in the Pokemon Center. That is where they are now - hugging each other while sleeping on the comfortable bed. Humming is heard in the hallway outside of their room. The door swings open and a shrill woman's shriek wakes Robert and Rilli up, sending them crashing to the floor! The shriek belongs to Nurse Joy. She drops two laundry bags and starts pacing madly, "This can't be! You're too young to be sharing a bed! I sure am I glad I told both of you that you couldn't share a shower yesterday, because it looks like you would've if I hadn't! Here I am, bringing you your clean clothing, and I find you sleeping on the same bed! Only adults can do that and only after they are married!" Robert tries to climb back onto the bed, groaning, "Nothing happened! We just enjoy each other's company!" Mithril-rama places one arm onto the other side of the bed, "Sorry, miss... Most people let us sleep togeth... errr... Uhh, I mean... in the same bed! No one seems to mind..." Nurse Joy cuts her off, "I mind! So should your parents! Where are they?! I must call them up right now and inform them of this behavior!" Robert slides into bed and covers himself up with the sheets, "Our parents are in Lavender Town. We're on a Pokemon Journey together. In fact, I'm going to go face Lt. Surge today. Now, do you mind? I sort of have to go to the bathroom." Nurse Joy sighs and storms out of the room, complaining about how children don't respect their elders. Once Robert and Rilli both take care of their morning ordeals, including going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and eating a quick breakfast, they are both wearing their favorite sets of clothing. Soon after that, they are walking on the streets of Vermilion City. For once, Robert seems to know where he is going, "I've been to this Gym so many times that I've memorized the way! I just hope that I win this time... or else..." He trails off while saying this. Mithril-rama reaches for his free hand and holds it gently, "Or else what, Robert?" "Or else..." Robert shakes his head, "Nothing. I just hope I don't lose again." They walk up the steps to the imposing Electric Pokemon Gym together. After going through the doors, they remember how dark the interior lobby is. A red haired woman wearing a bandana is the only one there. She is sitting on a bench, lifting two relatively heavy weights with her arms. She speaks up in Robert's direction, "Here to challenge Surge?" "Yes..." Robert replies, and turns to face the strong woman. The woman laughs out loud, "Surge isn't in a pleasant mood today, as usual, so don't expect him to go easy on you. Just wait here a moment until he beats his current 'challenger.'" Robert and Rilli nod at the same time and sit on a bench opposite to the one where the woman is sitting. Robert looks down at his belt and pulls out his Pokedex, "I don't know who to choose... Lt. Surge's Raichu defeated Geodude and Vileplume before they evolved. I think I should give one of them a chance, but I don't know who." Robert starts pushing some buttons on the red contraption, "Let's see if I can exchange Tauros for Vileplume..." "So you're going to use Vileplume?" Mithril-rama asks, watching as the screen on Robert's Pokedex flashes different colors and shows pictures of a Tauros and a Vileplume. "I don't know..." Robert answers, still fiddling with the device, "Graveler got cracked and Vileplume got shocked... Both pretty humiliating defeats coming from an Electric Pokemon, considering their types." "Forget about types!" Rilli chirps out, before composing herself, "When you talk about types like that, you remind me of Jeremy. Remember when I fought him, my Clefable beat his Machoke? Fighting Pokemon are supposed to have the advantage over Normal Pokemon, but Clefable won! Try your best and you'll win in the end!" Robert gets frustrated and starts slamming the buttons on his Pokedex with the palm of his hand, "Vileplume! I want VILE PLUME! AHHHHH!" Mithril-rama huffs at Robert, "Robert, did you hear what I just said?" Robert has his eyes fixed on his Pokedex's screen while he mumbles, "Yeah... Types don't matter... and such. No! Not the fourth Pokeball on the belt! The fifth one! Tauros for Vileplume! Why don't you..." Robert is cut off by the large doors leading into the fighting arena slamming open! A 12 year old kid is holding his fainted Sandshrew in his arms. He is crying and hugging the severely beaten Pokemon tightly. The giant known as Lieutenant Surge stomps into the lobby, "Yer Pokemon is too much of a baby to win, ya little wimp! Go make it into one a' those big spiky ground things and then maybe you'll win. Maybe." Robert puts his Pokedex away and stands up, "Uh... Lt. Surge... I'm here to... challenge you..." Lt. Surge lumbers over towards Robert. He places his hands on his hips, "Hey! I think remember ya! Aren't you the one who's friends with the guy who almost shot me? Ya'know, who's Charmeleon beat my Raichu one time?" Robert gulps and starts to back away, "D-d-does it make a difference?" "Nah, I'm not angry at 'im anymore." Surge laughs out loud, "That bastard settled the score already. Now are ya here ta challenge me again? If I remember right, last time I creamed ya!" "Yes..." Robert sweatdrops, "...and the time before that too... But this time, I have evolved Pokemon!" "Ahh, good, good, ya can be taught! Alright, come inta tha arena!" Surge walks through the large doors again, and Robert begins to follow, before realizing that someone's missing. He looks over at the bench where his girlfriend is sitting, "Aren't you going to watch, Rilli?" Mithril-rama shrugs and looks around, "You don't seem to want my advice..." Robert runs over to her, "I'm sorry! Yes I do! I was just angry at the Pokedex! I'll pay attention to whatever you say!" He leans over and kisses her on the cheek, "C'mon, I can't do this without your help!" Mithril-rama stands up, "Aww, I can't stay angry at you! Okay, let's go... Good luck!" Moments later, Robert and Lt. Surge stand face to face across the arena, which spans a good 30 feet. Lt. Surge bellows out to Robert, "It'll be a two on two match, baby! No holds bar! Let's rumble!" "Two on two?" Robert raises an eyebrow, "This is perfect! I'll send out Graveler and Vileplume, and they can both get their revenge on Surge's Pokemon!" He reaches for the third Pokeball on his belt. Lt. Surge calls out, "I choose Voltorb!" He throws out a Pokeball and a Pokeball-like creature is released! Robert stifles a chuckle, "That's his big bad Pokemon? Okay, Graveler, go make quick work of that...thing!" He throws the third Pokeball into the ring and the giant scaly gray boulder with arms appears, "GRAV! GRAVELER!" Lt. Surge yells out the first command, "Sonic Boom!" Robert expects two large yellow blasts of energy to come out of Surge's arms, but instead they emerge from the Voltorb and hit Robert's Graveler! Graveler falls onto the ground and begins to roll around on his back, "Graveler! Grav! Grav!!!" Robert tries to remember Graveler's moves, "As long as you're in that position, Rock Slide yourself!" The Graveler coils up his arms and rolls across the arena, straight for the Voltorb! Unfortunately, the Voltorb rolls out of harms way and the Graveler crashes into Lt. Surge's legs, doing no damage. The angry Gym Leader kicks the heavy boulder hard enough to send it rolling back towards Robert! It ends up bowling its own trainer over! Mithril-rama runs over to the fallen Robert and crouches next to him, "Are you okay, Robert?" Robert rubs the back of his head and raises a finger, "Steeee-rike!" His Graveler re-composes himself and marches back into the ring, grunting out obscenities in his own language. Lt. Surge points at the Graveler the moment he enters the ring again, "Screech!" His Voltorb begins to emit a high pitched noise, which makes Robert stand up and grab his ears in pain, "This is worse than the Zubats! AHHHH!!!" Once the screeching is over, Robert shakes his head, "Okay... Graveler, Rock Throw!" Graveler grabs his small legs and somehow throws himself up into the air! He crashes down on top of Surge's Voltorb! Blasts of electric energy start shooting out of the inorganic ball, but they don't affect the grounded Graveler. Lt. Surge notices that Graveler is close enough for... "Self Destruct!" The Voltorb glows a bright yellow for a second before exploding to bits, sending the Graveler flying towards the back wall of the Gym! Robert leaps out of the way this time, avoiding another nasty fall, but Graveler makes contact with the wall behind him! Robert runs over to his Graveler and examines the Pokemon as he slides off the wall and onto the floor. Graveler's rocky arms are sprawled out across the floor and his eyes have closed, signs that he has fainted. Robert grabs Graveler's Pokeball off the floor and sucks him back in, "You tried your best..." Lt. Surge somehow hears it when Robert says this, probably because of the echo inside the large room, and yells out, "His best wasn't enough! If your best Pokemon can't beat my baby Pokemon, there's no way you're beating my Raichu!" Lt. Surge pulls out another Pokeball and throws it into the ring, "Go, Raichu!" Robert grabs his fifth Pokeball, "Alright, Vileplume, it's all up to you!" He chucks the Pokeball into the ring! Robert's scream of horror comes at around the same time as Lt. Surge's burst of laughter! Mithril-rama peeks over Robert's shoulder to see what's the matter. Apparently, when switching his Pokemon, he had made a mistake. Instead of his Grass Pokemon, Vileplume, being there, his Flying Pokemon, Farfetch'd is there. Robert feels that this is the end of his Pokemon Journey. He had promised himself that if he lost against Surge, he'd give up altogether. He might as well have lost already. Robert shrugs, "Okay... Here goes. Uhh... Swords Dance." Farfetch'd begins to dance around like a crazy duck, the leek in his beak sharpening. Lt. Surge continues to laugh at this, and his Raichu, who often mimics his moves, laughs in exactly the same way. Fortunately, this distraction is long enough for Farfetch'd to finish his dance, "Farfetch'd, FARF!" Robert's eye twitches slightly, "Okay... Let's see... He can Peck or Cut or... something else... I forget. Uhh, Farfetch'd, Peck that Raichu's eyes out!" Farfetch'd waddles up to Surge's Raichu and slowly draws back his beak... Lt. Surge wipes a tear of laughter out of his eye, "Let's make the Farfetch'd suffer, Raichu! Thunder wave!" The Raichu lifts up its arms and a wave of sparks bathes Farfetch'd, leaving him paralyzed with his beak ready for an attack! Robert grabs his hair, "No! Why the heck are you so slow, Farfetch'd?! WHY?!" A beep is heard coming from the Pokedex on Robert's belt, "Farfetch'd - At level 31, Farfetch'd learns how to perform Agility." Robert growls, "ARGH! I left the stupid Pokedex on!" He shuts it off, but then comes to a realization, "Wait! Maybe that's the move I forgot... Maybe he learned Agility while Bill was training him... It's worth a try, Farfetch'd Agility!" Farfetch'd struggles to break free of his paralysis... "Farf... Farf..." A sweatdrop forms on his face, "Farf... Farf... Farf..." Lt. Surge chuckles in his deep voice, "The duck sounds like he's constipated! Raichu, do the Body Slam!" Raichu nods, lifts up his body, and crashes down towards Farfetch'd... only to hit the floor of the Gym! "Rai, Rai?!" Farfetch'd dodged the attack so swiftly, that he was just a blur to everyone when he did so, "Farfetch'd!!!" He raises the twig in his beak up high and begins to run circles around Surge's Raichu! Robert's eyes widen slightly when he sees this, "He's... running? I haven't seen him go this fast since... uhh... never! It's amazing! Farfetch'd, use Cut!" While running around Surge's Raichu, Farfetch'd swings out his twig, which was sharpened by the Swords Dance performed earlier, at Raichu, making slash marks all over the Electric Pokemon's chubby body! Raichu begins to cry out in pain, "Rai! Raichu, Rai Rai!" Lt. Surge's face shows a nasty frown, "No more games, Raichu. Finish it off with Thunder!" Surge raises his arms up high for effect. Raichu mimics his master once again, and a blast of Lightning from above crashes onto Farfetch'd! Once the flash clears, tears start to form on Robert's face when he sees his fallen Farfetch'd, "Is he... dead?" Lt. Surge's Raichu looks over at Robert and starts doing a silly victory dance, "Rai, Rai, Rai, RaiCHU!" Though the tears in his eyes, Robert notices his Farfetch'd stumbling to get up. Robert continues to pretend that he's sad to keep the Raichu dancing. By the time Surge realizes that Farfetch'd is standing, it's too late. "Farfetch'd, PECK!" Surge's Raichu looks confused for a second, and turns around, only to see Farfetch'd's beak come in contact with his face! Raichu is weak enough to be harmed by the usually ineffective attack, and he topples onto the ground, fainted! Surge's beady little eyes widen, "WHAT?! A bird beat Raichu?! Dat's impossible!" "Apparently not!" Robert laughs and runs over to his very weak Farfetch'd, "It seems that your Raichu wasn't quick enough for him!" Robert hugs his Farfetch'd for the incredible victory, "You're one step closer to evolving now!" "Farfetch'd, Far!" The wild duck manages to raise up his wing in the form of a victory sign before falling to the ground, asleep from the exhaustion caused by performing Agility. Lt. Surge walks over to Robert and helps him stand up. He pulls a Thunder Badge out of his pocket. "You won with a Pokemon that doesn't even evolve. That's amazing! You deserve this." Robert grabs the Thunder Badge and pins it underneath the Rainbow Badge on his shirt, "What are you talking about? Farfetch'd does evolve! You'll see! Professor Oak is wrong!" Lt. Surge scratches his head, "Uhh, whatever you say, kid." "Kid? Don't you mean baby?" Robert looks up at Surge, who cracks a smile. "I only call people who lose to me baby." Surge shakes Robert's hand, "Now get going. I have more challengers!" Robert and Mithril-rama are soon outside of the Vermilion City Gym. Robert is staring at his Thunder Badge as it glimmers in the sun light, "I did it! I finally beat Lieutenant Surge!" Mithril-rama hug him tightly, "Congratulations! So, where are we going now?" Robert looks determined as he says, "Saffron City." "Are you going to finally challenge Sabrina?" Mithril-rama asks. "Nope." Robert shakes his head and begins to explain, "I can't beat Sabrina until I'm intelligent enough to face her. She probes my mind and knows every move I'm going to tell my Pokemon to use before I blurt it out! The only way I'll know if my brain is ready for Sabrina is if I pass Blaine's test and earn a Volcano Badge." "Ohhh... Makes sense." Mithril-rama ponders this, "But then why are we going to Saffron and not back to Cinnabar Island?" Robert calmly paces around Mithril-rama, "I've thought this all through in my spare time. If I want to become a more intelligent Pokemon trainer, shouldn't I train with the most intelligent authority on Pokemon?" "Yeah... So why aren't we going to Pallet Town?" Mithril-rama asks, trying to keep a serious face. Robert raises his arms up high in protest, "Because I said I want to see the most intelligent authority, not the most idiotic and crazy old know-nothing! We're going to the Saffron City Hospital... To pay RK a visit. If I study under him, he can get my mind ready for Blaine's challenge. I'm sure he'll be happy to train me! I just hope he's feeling better. Let's go!" -Robert