From: Zephyr <> Subject: [PW!][TH]Aqua Rhaspody Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 8:41 AM "Welcome to Seafoam Islands", said the flight attendant as she opened the door. "Oh its so beautiful here", said Zephyr as he called out his pokemon. "Starstrom lets got check out the beach", said Zephyr as Elodea climbed on Zephyr's head while Avalanche climbed on his back, and Aero flew along side them as they traveled to the docks. "What, you only know sing and onfuse ray. What kind of pokemon are you", said the trainer as he smacked his lapras. Zephyr was passing by as he saw the trainer hit his lapras. "Hey, leave her alone", said Zephyr. "I will, if you beat me in a pokemon match, 3 against 3", said the trainer as he pulled out a pokeball. "Go muk", said the trainer as Zephyr called pout Aero. "Muk sluge", said the trainer. "Aero dodge and counter with pin missles", said Zephyr as his butterfree dodge but some of the sludge got on its wings. "Freeeee", shouted Aero as he shot pin missles before crashing down. "Muk finish it!", shouted the trainer. "No, Aero psychic", yelled Zephyr as psychic energy blasted the muk, fainting it. "Good job Aero", said Zephyr as he returned his butterfree. "Go voltorb", said the trainer as he sent ot his voltorb. "Go Avalanche", said Zephyr. "Voltorb sonic boom", said the trainer as a energy blast went hurling at the sandshrew. "Block with rock slide", said Zephyr as rocks rose up from the ground breaking up the energy blast. "SELF DESTRUCT", yelled the trainer. "Avalanche dig", yelled Zephyr as his sandshrew barely dodged the explosion before rising out in victory. "Last one go bulbasaur", said the trainer. "Go Starstorm", said Zephyr as his starmie appeared. "Bulbasaur razor leaf", said the trainer. "Starstorm dodge and counter with ice beam", yelled Zephyr as the leafs were dodged by his starmie before he froze the bulbasuar. "You win", said the trainer angry as he handed over Lapras and some money. "Ok girl lets see, why don't you sing for us", said Zephyr as the lapras sang. After a few minutes the whole team applauded. "I know what I'll call you how about Rhaspody", said Zephyr as his lapras nodded in agreement. "Well lets get every one healed up tomorrow we're on a journey", said Zephyr as he walked up to the pokecenter as he recalled his pokemon. -- OH MY GODDISH!! Email ICQ# 36610879 Feel the wrath of Butterfree 3 Evil prepare for devastation. We will break down your corrupted nation, A ray of hope in chaos, Team Hurricane blast off with the power of wind, Surrender now because you will never win..--Team Hurricane Motto