From: <> Subject: [PW!]Ark starts his journey! Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 6:45 PM "Chansiii" said Gam. Ark didn't move. Gam jumped on top of him, and double slapped him. "I'm awake already!" yelled Ark. "Chan" replied Gam. "Dittooooooo" yelled Morpha. Ark jumped out of bed, and grabbed his hat. He ran out into the pokecenter, to see Morpha in the form of a Sandslash. Joy walked up to him. "Hi mom" he said quietly, as he scratched Morpha on the head. "Its time for you to start your journey. I'm going to let Gam go with you, in case you're ever injured. I'll even let you have his official league pokeball" said Joy, as she handed Ark the ball. She then handed him an official Pokemon League Badge. "Wow! Thanks mom!" said Ark. He hugged her, and left. "CHANSEY!" yelled Gam, as he rushed out after them. "Oh, I almost forgot you" said Ark. "to. Ditto" said Morpha. "Lets get going!" said Ark, as he shot a bolt of electricity into the air. He began to run to Safari Zone. He showed them his badge, and they let him in free. He looked at all of the pokemon. Thousands of them. He began to think, what one should I catch? Ark :--)Tell me what you think! Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.