From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] [RR] Assault on Rapidash Romp Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 8:46 PM It was midnight when Chaoticllama saw through the infrared binoculars, many forms moving in an encircling maneuver. He put down the binoculars and looked up just in time to see a Dragonfly helicopter pass over his head. It was netting up the Rapidash.This thing was state of the art stealth. It could have probably landed in your living room without waking up the cat. Chaoticllama started to give a vector to AA control, but then set off the ring of charges instead, taking out hundreds of TR members. That's when the Apache Longbow came in to cover the chopper. He gave the vector of the longbow to AA control, and sent his scyther up to cut the nets. That's when the tanks came out of the scrub. "WHOLY !@#$" he almost yelled over the radio. "Tanks, watch yer back, try to hit the tracks." That said, he picked up a rocket launcher and took out one of the tanks. Then mortar's started falling out of the sky. ----- In the bushes------ Shadowboxer saw the mortar launchers and the men manning them. He swiftly took them out one by one, with a combination of boots to the neck, and another neck-snapping maneuver. -------in the grass---- Suddenly the mortars stopped firing. "This is Delta4," said Shadowboxer over the radio, "Mortars are out of commission." CHaoticllama smiled and said "Good work delta4." Now that most of the tanks were stationary, he moved to the heavy Machine gun, and began waving it at TR ground troops, while holding down the trigger. It was a mess out there. Scyther almost had the net cut. "Delta team move on the dragonfly with arial assault plan c." With that the non special forces members, got on flying pokemon, and landed on the chopper. ------The chopper----- They each grabbed on anywhere they could on the narrow profile of the Dragonfly. It was turning to aim at Chaoticllama's emplacement. Insanellama dove at the door handle on the passenger side. He couldn't let that happen. He flung it openand leaped inside punching the tR member square in the jaw. He grabbed the stick, and jerked the chopper on an oppisite vector. Then Zephyr opened the pilots door.He jerked the man out of the seat.Taurus caught the man by the collar, and dropped him onto what was left of the defunct asbestos net. Taurus had to take over piloting, since he had some experience. Insanellama, and Zephyr went back to base camp. -------Base Camp------- Zephyr was doing some fast programming on his pokedex. He managed to pick up a severely distorted comm transmission, "Bring in the Cerulean Reserves, through Mt. Moon pass." Zephyr looked over at Insanellama. They nodded quickly, picked up the heavy machine gun, and all that was left of it's ammo, and charged off toward the pass. They just had time to setup the tripod, when troops flooded into the pass. Zephyr laid down on the trigger, waved it around, and mowed down troops. Insanellama was taking potshots with pistols. Soon, the Cerulean Reserves, were a pitiful relief squad. And only seconds after that, they weren't anything at all. Zephyr caught a slug with his shoulder tho, and Insanellama's knee had been shattered by a lead jacketed slug. They limped back to base camp, victorious, but weary and injured. ------Chaoticllama---- He had exhausted the heavy mg ammo, and only had one clip left for his pistol, and half a magazine for the oozie. He made every shot count, one bullet, one kill, But finally he was out. He went for his arsenal of throwing knives, and took out 15 more. He remained with two machetes, one in each hand. "COME AND GET ME YOU SORRY SONS OF GUNS!" he yelled into the darkness. He heard an explosion in the background, that would be the apache helicopter finally going down. He managed to take down a few more before he was over-run, and captured. They knocked him unconcious, and said into a radio "Secondary target taken" and went into the bushes with him. -----Base Camp----- By the time Zephyr and Insanellama got back, it was all over. Everyone reported in all clear. Except Chaoticllama. Insanellama was distraught, "WHAT HAPPENED, Maybe his radio's just busted" Then they walked over to where he had been at. There were too many foot prints in the little crater Chaoticllama had carved out. He had been captured or killed. Which one, they had no idea. They looked around the rest of the battle field. With last of the c-4, they blasted out a mass grave, and put the TR members into it. Then they used the bull-dozer to fill it up. All of chaoticllama's equipment had been with him, and all that had remained behind him was one empty clip from his colt .45 fully automatic pistol. Insanellama took the clip, and put it safely in his pocket. The only other items at the crater, were empty ammo crates. Insanellama's rapidash walked up to him with a companion. Insanellama captured the female rapidash, then let it out. He walked back to base camp to pack his things. TBC Look for the next part of chaoticllama's story in just a minute or two.