From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: [PW!] Back to dry land Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:33 AM Transmorph sighed. It looked like his fate was sealed. Just them, a large bone came flying at the Jigglypuff guard. It knocked him out. A small Cubone, presumably the same one from the trial came out of the bushes to get its bone back. "Thanks kid." Transmorph morphed into a sandslash, and hacked the bars off. He then woke Growlithe and Scyther up. "Come on guys, where leaving." They all stood up, and Transmorph turned into a large Pidgeot. As Growlithe and Scyther jumped on his back, Cubone ran up. "Wait, i wanna come with you!" Transmorph muttered, but bent a wing so Cubone could hop on. They took of for Mt. moon. [if anyone wants to interact, feel free] <[^;^]> Beware the Chibi-Pika! Pikachu: Blepabi! Misty: Pikablu is real i tell you! Real! Brock: Boy, that Nestina is hot! Ash: The weed really fucked you three up, didn't it? Teacher: Are you sleeping in class? Student: No, i'm not...zZzZzZzZz